Lesson 5: Make A Difference

Essential Question: How can sharing with others improve our community and the lives of people throughout the world?

Objective: Create colorful, persuasive posters that entice others to support a charity of each student's choice.

Materials: Construction paper or poster board, markers, pens, colored pencils, glue, tape, and other craft materials used for decorating; optional Road to Riches Game

Time Required: Two 45-minute periods


  1. Ask the students to share a time when someone helped them solve a problem. Ask them how they felt about the person or people who helped them. Then have them share a time when they helped someone else. How did helping someone else make them feel?
  2. Ask students if they or someone they know has raised money for someone in need and define the word charity as "help or money given voluntarily to those in need."
  3. As a class, brainstorm a list of local, national, and/or global problems that people face (e.g., bullying, hunger, natural disasters).
  4. Ask the students to name charitable organizations that help make the world a better place to live. Make a list of their ideas. Charities can be local or national and may include:
    • homeless shelters
    • food banks
    • disaster relief agencies (such as the Red Cross)
    • Ronald McDonald House
    • bullying-prevention groups
    • children's hospitals
    • cancer research institutes
    • famine relief organizations
    • overseas medical needs charities (mosquito nets, clean drinking water, immunizations)
    • environmental groups
  5. Ask each student to choose one charity and cause to focus on. Explain that students are going to create a colorful, persuasive poster that encourages others to give to their charity of choice. Students who choose the same (or similar) charities may work together to brainstorm.
  6. Write on the board the following framework to help students outline their fund-raising ideas for their posters:
    • Goal (how much they would like to raise)
    • Who (who is the charity)
    • Why (why people should help this charity)
    • What (what you want them to do—come to a bake sale, event, etc.
    • How (how to participate—date of event, contact info, etc.)


  1. Provide art supplies so that each student can create a colorful, persuasive poster that includes each of the items listed above (goal, who, why, what, how).
  2. Ask students to present their posters to the class, or separate into small groups of four students and have each take a turn presenting his or her poster to his or her group.
  3. Remind students to include the framework above within their presentations. For example, each student should present what his or her goal was, who the charity is, why people should help their selected charity, what they want people to do, and how people can participate.
  4. Reward students' efforts by displaying their posters in the classroom or in the school hallway.


Extend this activity into a community service project. Have the students carry out their action plans to make a difference in the lives of others.


Your students can work their way through the world of saving, giving, and budgeting with the interactive Road to Riches adventure game!

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