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Tech Apps: Summer Apps

Summer learning apps that are sure to make a splash
with students. 

Summer vacation: two words sure to bring a smile to any student’s face. Summer is synonymous with sunny skies, fireflies, and ice cream cones. But it’s also a time of learning loss—especially for underprivileged kids. That’s why districts across the nation are stepping up to invest in summer learning. One place to start? Making the most of new technologies. Here are nine apps to keep kids learning—and having fun—all summer long.
Dive in!

6 Great Summer Learning Apps

NightSky. Test your reflexes with this physics-based puzzle. Players roll a sphere through different landscapes, overcoming twists and obstacles on the way by reversing gravity, speeding up, and more. iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. $3.99.

Mystery Math Town. Put math skills to good use by helping a friendly ghost save the day. Kids will solve level-appropriate math problems to unlock rooms and passages on their mission to free some trapped fireflies. iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. $2.99.

Scribblenauts Remix. Kids tackle open-ended challenges by conjuring useful objects and earn points for out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem solving. Sure, you can conjure a bridge to cross a river, but flying cars are much more fun. iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and Android. $0.99.

Kindle. Students can read on the go, tap a word to view the definition, and “X-Ray” books to learn more. Plus, find free public-domain titles, from A Tale of Two Cities to Emma. iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and Android. Free.

Scholastic Reading Timer. With this interactive timer, logging reading minutes is easier than ever. Your students who register for the Summer Challenge can win prizes as they reach weekly reading goals. iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and Android. Free.

Star Walk. Like BBQs and beaches, stargazing is a summer staple. Break out this digital guide to make the most of the night. Just point the app at the sky and get the 411 on each star above. The best part? Point at the ground to gaze across the globe. iPad, iPhone, iTouch, and Android. $2.99.

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