The National Road Safety Foundation: Drive2Life

Raise student awareness about driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety with lessons on distracted walking, impaired driving, and distracted driving.

Distracted Walking

Distracted Walking = Dangerous Walking
Test your students’ knowledge of pedestrian safety and introduce them to the dangers of distracted walking with a quiz.

Do You Walk Smart?
Challenge students to evaluate their own walking habits and use their feedback to launch a discussion about pedestrian safety.

Impaired Driving

Think Before Taking the Passenger Seat
In this lesson, students are introduced to the concept of impaired driving and evaluate what they would say and do in various scenarios involving an impaired friend. Students work together to develop strategies and practice making safe decisions.

Passenger Poll: What Would You Do?
Students conduct a poll to find out how their classmates would react if a friend giving them a ride were impaired.

Key Facts and Statistics on Impaired Driving
Share the facts with your students.

Distracted Driving

How Does Distraction Affect You?
This lesson will help students understand the foundations of distracted driving and why preventing it is so important.

Distracted Driving in Your School
Students will complete a short research poll and use the results to gain an understanding of needs in terms of behavior change and awareness in their community.

Be a Driving Influence
Students will be empowered to be safe-driving role models and will learn tips to help them use social influence to encourage their friends and families to avoid distracted driving.

Generation tXt
Students will analyze a distracted-driving film, and will follow up with discussions and written responses.

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