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Atlanta's Upgrade

State-of-the-art high school opens in Atlanta—can the new school reform the district’s image?

Can a new school reform a district’s image? Atlanta is betting $147 million that North Atlanta High will do just that.

The new school in the exclusive Buckhead area opened this year in a former IBM building. It houses 1,400 students—the population will eventually grow to 2,400 students—and offers a performing arts complex, a broadcast and video center, and a rifle range for the shooting team, according to a story in The New York Times. The gym can seat nearly 2,000 people.

Despite its chichi location, the school will have a diverse set of students, principal Howard E. Taylor said. Nearly one in three are white, but almost half are African-American and 20 percent are Hispanic. The principal hopes to boost the grad rate from its current 61 percent to 90 percent. “If there was ever a model for an urban high school, this is it,” he adds.

Earlier this year, 35 Atlanta educators—including then-superintendent Beverly Hall—were indicted in a cheating scandal.


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