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Assessment Apps

Innovative assessment apps to help educators prep for Common Core tests and provide in-depth student feedback. 

For some educators 2014 equals CCSS tests. Whether you're prepping for next-generation assessments or itching to enhance feedback, these apps will help save the day. A few tips:

Record. From puppet shows to class discussions, pressing rec means easy review.
Don't Do the Math. Letting your tablet generate percentages can save a ton of time.
Play for It. Looking for a great formative assessment tool? Try out a game-based app.

6 Great Assessment Apps

Explain Everything Give grading a creative jolt. Annotate, animate, or narrate everything from video recordings to project slide shows to handwritten math equations for in-depth feedback on assignments. iPad. $2.99.

Kidblog Introduce kids to new tech platforms while developing language arts skills. Teachers can monitor blog activity and view a digital anthology of student work to easily assess progress throughout the year. iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. Free.

Percentally Measure learning goals on the go with this digital tally counter. Mark correct answers or keep a count of classroom behaviors, then let the data-wise app convert your scores to percentages. iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. $2.99.

Three Ring Organize qualitative assessment materials with a new take on an old favorite: the three-ring binder. Upload essays, film presentations, and record discussions to create a portfolio for each student. Android, iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. Free.

FluencyFinder A simple timer lets teachers test for words-per-minute fluency, and a quick screen-tap documents mistakes and generates instant score reports. Plus, find printable passages of narrative and informational texts organized by grade level. iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. $6.99.

5 Dice: Order of Operations Roll the dice to test for higher-order thinking. Fun number games help kids practice math skills while teachers receive on-the-spot progress reports. Play solo, one-on-one, or as a class using the built-in whiteboard feature. iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. Free.


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