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Math Lessons and Printables for Grades 1-3

Dear Teacher:

Welcome to Measure Up!, featuring fun lessons and worksheets inspired by Sony Pictures Animation’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, the new animated comedy coming to theaters September 27. Supporting Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, this program is designed to help students in grades 1–3 master key measurement concepts including measuring with nonstandard units, measuring to the nearest inch, and finding area.

This program provides knowledge and skill-building activities designed to address important mathematics concepts in a real-world context that elementary students will find meaningful. We hope you enjoy this new program!

 Grade 1: Measuring With Nonstandard Units

Students use nonstandard units like paperclips to measure various objects. Features Printable 1.1: “Pickle Party!”

 Grade 2: Using Measuring Tools

Students build skills in using rulers to measure objects. Features Printable 2.1: “Food Rocks!”

 Grade 3: Calculating Area 

Students learn how to calculate area and use the appropriate unit of measure. Features Printable 3.1: “Pampered Produce!”


The mini-poster can be used to illustrate points during each lesson for each grade level. After the lesson, the poster provides students with a visual reminder of the key measurement concepts taught.


Note on Differentiation: This program includes one lesson plan and worksheet each for grades 1–3, all aligned with CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practice. In addition, a take-home worksheet provides students with an opportunity to practice skills gained in the lessons at home.

For purposes of differentiation, third-grade teachers should feel free to give the lower grades worksheets to their students needing a review, while teachers of the lower grades should feel free to give a worksheet from a higher grade to students needing an extra challenge.

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