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Summer 2013 Administrator Magazine

Here is a selection of features and department stories from the Summer 2013 issue.

Walk of Shame | Former Atlanta schools chief Beverly Hall has been indicted in the long-simmering test-score scandal.

Chicago: Loving the Core
by Calvin Hennick | An elementary school bucks the trend, credits improvement to Core adoption.

Zero Tolerance
by Jennifer L.W. Fink | Is it an idea whose time has passed?

Career Apps | Powerful career-readiness apps to help students succeed in the job market.

Teacher Prep Overhaul
by Alexander Russo | After a lull of more than a decade, it may finally be happening.

Interview With Tony Bennett
by Alexander Russo | Ousted by Indiana for moving too fast, a committed reformer finds a new home in the Sunshine State.

The Latest and Greatest Education-Friendly Tech Tools
by Brian Nadel
Technology | Titanium tablets, a scintillating short-throw projector and the latest in software.

TechLab: 5 Notebooks
by Brian Nadel
Technology | We test five notebooks for $450 or less. Plus: A tale of two laptops.

The Future Starts Now
A special section looks at education in the year 2020.

Tomorrow’s Classroom
by Esther Shein
Ed in 2020 | By 2020, school will be less of a citadel than ever, and kids will be doing more and more of their learning in the real world.

Rising Tablets
Ed in 2020 | The numbers are in: Tablets are taking schools by storm across the United States.

MOOC: Will These Four Letters Change K–12?
by Michelle Locke
Ed in 2020 | Find out how higher learning’s latest infatuation might play with younger students.

Dateline 2006
by Caralee Adams
Ed in 2020 | Education gets blamed for moving too slowly, but there has been real progress in the past seven years.

Career High
by Jonathan Sapers
Ed in 2020 | Brooklyn’s P-TECH aims to give its kids a high school diploma, an associate’s degree, and the promise of a real job. Will this experiment change high schools nationwide?

What's Next
by Kate Rix
Ed in 2020 | Augmented reality and NUIs may seem like sci-fi, but in some schools, the future is here.

Leadership Profile: Keith Ballard
by Tom Halligan
Leadership | Tulsa’s inclusive chief steers his district through a tough transition.

Books, Blogs, Ideas: Gerald Tirozzi
by Chris Borris
Leadership | Former assistant secretary of education Gerald Tirozzi on the excesses and missteps of school reform.

Weigh In: What will be the biggest innovation in the next seven years?
by Carol Patton
Leadership | Themed high schools, the rise of technology, and more.

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