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Career Apps

Powerful career-readiness apps to help students succeed in the job market.

From local classrooms to the state of the union, career readiness has become a key phrase in any discussion of the future of education. Help students in your district build the foundations they need to succeed in a 21st-century job market with innovative apps for all grade levels. The ones we’ve found range from action-packed games boosting tech skills and critical thinking to virtual portfolios and professional-grade presentation tools.

6 Great Career Readiness Apps

Cargo-Bot Give tech-savvy kids an early introduction to computer programming. Young coders can program mini-robots to solve a series of complex puzzles. Earn points for finding the fastest solutions while learning how to “debug” your code. iPad. Free.

Resume Mobile Ease students into the job application process with this handy, on-the-go résumé builder. Designed by HR pros, the app allows users to create, store, and share custom CVs with a few simple clicks. iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. $2.99.

Simple Physics Take a crash course in engineering while designing complex bridges, skyscrapers, and more. Draw plans on virtual blueprints, then test via a realistic physics simulation. Top builders earn points for design quality and cost effectiveness. Android, iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. $1.99.

Keynote Prep for future boardroom pitches with this high-tech presentation app. Students can create 3D graphs and charts, preview upcoming slides, and program stunning animations for a truly professional report. iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. $9.99.

SimCity Deluxe Build your dream city, then take the wheel to explore everything from urban planning to the economy. Future leaders will gain problem-solving skills while navigating the realities of a job in politics. Android, iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. $0.99.

50 Words to Know Before You Go Find must-learn vocab words and acronyms selected to help high school students “talk the talk” postgraduation. Students can test for mastery with quizzes, flash cards, and the “Synonym Shuffle,” an animated word-matching game. iPad and iTouch. $0.99.

—Summer 2013—

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    Deep-Sea Exploration

    Deep-Sea Exploration

    by Wil Mara

    The darkest, deepest reaches of the oceans are home to some of the only places on Earth that remain unexplored by humans. Readers will find out how researchers and engineers are working to map out these mysterious depths. They will also learn how humans first began exploring the planet’s oceans and how sea exploration has changed over time.

    $6.71 You save: 25%
    Library Binding | Grades 5-8
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    Deep-Sea Exploration
    Grades 5-8 $6.71
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    Guided Reading Content Areas 2nd Edition Level N

    Guided Reading Content Areas 2nd Edition Level N

    Available April 2016!

    NEW! Guided Reading Content Areas 2nd Edition will propel students into 21st century college & career success with new books and research-based instruction! Content Areas instruction is boosted with not only the latest in social studies books, but also essential STEAM knowledge students need to be engaged and successful in our ever changing world. With access to authentic informational text and books about careers at every level, students will acquire diverse content areas knowledge as they move through increasingly complex texts!

    What’s NEW?
    -Revised Teaching Guide brimming with research-based instruction including:
    -Including Content Area Informational Text in Primary Classrooms
    -Guided Reading in the Content Areas & Activating Background Knowledge
    -Text Dependent Questions
    -New authentic texts with titles on science, technology, engineering, arts, technology, and 21st century careers
    -New teaching cards for every title
    -More nonfiction than ever: 80% Nonfiction & 20% Fiction

    Signature Scholastic Guided Reading Features:
    -No title overlap with other Guided Reading programs
    -60 Trade Books per level (10 titles, 6 copies each)
    -Teacher’s Guide in every level
    -10 Teaching Cards with instructional suggestions for each title
    -Leveling Stickers
    -Attractive Storage Bins

    Visit the Scholastic Guided Reading Program website for more information.

    $368.96 You save: 32%
    Paperback Book Collection | Grades 2-4
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    Guided Reading Content Areas 2nd Edition Level N
    Grades 2-4 $368.96
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