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For the Love of Poetry

Caroline Kennedy and Jon J Muth get kids reading poems

By Amiri Tulloch | March 29 , 2013

April is National Poetry Month, and a new book has been released to celebrate poetry and inspire kids to read, love, and memorize it.

Poems to Learn by Heart is a collection of poetry organized by Caroline Kennedy. It features short poems and long ones organized by subject. The goal of the book is to get kids to enjoy poetry and encourage them to know their favorite poems by heart. Artist Jon J Muth illustrated the poems as watercolor paintings. Kennedy and Muth collaborated on another book of poetry in 2005, A Family of Poems: My Favorite Poetry for Children.

On Tuesday, Kid Reporter Amiri Tulloch interviewed Kennedy and Muth before an event promoting the book – and poetry – at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York. In the interview, Kennedy and Muth shared their love of poetry, explained why poetry is so special, and encouraged kids to give poetry a chance.

Click Play Video to watch Amiri's interview! And head over to the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps Blog and let us know why you love poetry and what your favorite poem is!

caroline kennedy jon j muth kid reporter amiri tulloch poems to learn by heart


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