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big brothers big sisters twin cities jack the giant slayer Kid Reporter Aaliyah Kellogg (left) with Arani Ladlie and Aiyana at a special Big Brothers Big Sisters screening of Jack the Giant Slayer. (Photo courtesy Aaliyah Kellogg)

A Giant Event for Big Brothers Big Sisters

Special movie screening brings Bigs and Littles together

March 7 , 2013

On February 23, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities sponsored a "giant" film screening for all its "Bigs" and "Littles" in the area.

Big Brother Big Sisters and Warner Bros. set up a sneak preview of the new movie Jack the Giant Slayer at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota. More than 200 people – adults and kids – came out for the movie.

The day started with a pizza lunch and activities like face painting and free photo booth pictures. Participants also got to plant their own beans in a cup to take home with them.

There were also giveaways, with kids and their Bigs being randomly selected to receive movie passes and free tickets for rides at Nickelodeon Universe Amusement Park.

This was a big event for both the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and the people who are part of it.

"We have functions for our Bigs and Littles every month, but in terms of when we get all of our Bigs and Littles together, it's pretty rare," Janine Mullins told the Kids Press Corps. Mullins is the Director of Communications and Public Relations for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities.

But the special screening was also important to bring attention to the difference Big Brothers Big Sisters makes in the lives of kids and adults.

Bigs and Littles share quality time together one on one on a regular basis. "We mostly do pottery, go watch a movie, go skating, or just random things that come to mind," Little Sister Aiyana P. said.

National research has shown that having a Big Brother or Big Sister has positive effects on the Littles lives.

Studies have found that Littles have improved self-confidence, academic performance, sense of the future, relationships with family, and attitude towards school thanks to being in the program.

"It's made me think more positively, like about college and all this other stuff that I wouldn't think about normally," Aiyana said.

Being a Big Brother or Big Sister also has a positive impact on the adults.

"I have gotten to do fun things that I would never think to do as an adult," Big Sister Arani Ladlie said. "There's a lot of good things you can do with the kids, and it definitely has a great impact on them. So I think it's positive for both people."

"It's a great program," Ladlie added. "I hope a lot more people do it because there are a lot of kids out here who need this."

You can find out more about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program on the national organization's website.


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