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shops in san francisco with 49ers merchandise Store owners in San Francisco get ready for the Super Bowl: Pet clothing in the window of Catnip+Bones and a cake in the window of Chestnut Bakery. (Photos courtesy Anya Jensen)

Super Excitement in San Francisco!

City, fans get ready to watch 49ers take on Ravens

By Anya Jensen | null null , null

Excitement is in the air because the 49ers are heading to Super Bowl XLVII (47)!

The 49ers haven’t been in a Super Bowl in 18 years and fans are ecstatic. You can barely drive a block in the city before seeing a car with the 49ers flag on it or a home decked out in 49ers decorations.

Take a walk down Chestnut Street in San Francisco and you’re in 49ers country. Stores are selling 49ers toys, cakes, and clothing – for people and dogs!

Pam Habel is the owner of Catnip + Bones, a pet shop on Chestnut Street. The window of her store is full of stuffed animals wearing 49ers merchandise.

“I do it for the community,” Habel says about decorating her store. She adds that she has plenty of fans come in and tell her how much they love her window display.

Down the street from Catnip+Bones is the Chestnut Bakery. There you can buy beautiful 49ers cakes for your Super Bowl party!

Patricia, a big 49ers fan, was shopping on Chestnut Street last weekend. She summarized the day of a true 49ers fan: “First, we buy a cake.  Then, we dress our dogs in 49ers clothes.  Last, we buy a Kaepernicking t-shirt.”    

(For those of you who aren’t familiar with “Kaepernicking,” here’s what it means: Colin Kaepernick is the 49ers’ quarterback. During the playoffs, Kaepernick scored a touchdown, flexed his muscle, and kissed it. From then on, 49ers fans have copied that pose and it took on the name Kaepernicking.)

San Francisco is doing really well in the sports department. The Giants won baseball’s World Series in 2010 and 2012, and the 49ers made it to the National Football League Conference Championship game last year.

The 49ers fell short last year, but now the team is on the verge of winning its sixth world championship. And with a win in Super Bowl XLVII, San Francisco will have scored three major sports championships since 2010!

In the past, the city has broadcast big games (like the World Series and World Cup) on a giant screen at the Civic Center. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible for the Super Bowl because of copyright restrictions.

But San Francisco is preparing for large crowds on the streets anyway. Large celebrations have broken out after big games in the past. So extra police will be on the job during the Super Bowl.

And San Franciscans are sure the city is planning a victory parade – but those aren’t being publicly announced. San Francisco doesn’t want to jinx its team heading into the big game!

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