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kids donating change for hurricane sandy relief Two students colllect change to donate for Hurricane Sandy reliefe. (Photo courtesy Madison Cruz)

Every Penny Counts

Students at Hembree Springs make a difference

By Madison Cruz | January 15 , 2013

When Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast coast in November, members of Hembree Springs' Student Council at Hembree Springs Elementary in Roswell, Georgia, felt empathy for the victims of this superstorm. And they knew people needed to help.

After considering many fundraising options, the student council decided that a coin drive was the way to go. It was something the entire school could participate in, and the students could all help change things for the better.

The great enthusiasm that the students at Hembree Springs share over making a difference made the coin drive a success. The school is still raising money, which will be donated to the Red Cross.

"One of the goals I have for the students on Student Council is to be aware of opportunities to contribute to the surrounding community and the greater world," said Lee Perry, supervisor of the Student Council. "We then educate and involve the school population in that outreach."

This wasn't the first time students at the school came together to help disaster victims.

When Clarkdale Elementary flooded in 2009, kids in Hembree Springs's Student Council saw a need for their help. They wanted to help the people in distress because of this flood, but they also wanted children of all ages to be able to participate. A coin drive was the perfect solution.

The student council ultimately raised more than $200 to donate to Clarkdale Elementary. Children as young as 4 and as old as 11 came together to help those in trouble because of the flood.

Students raised money again after a massive earthquake devastated Haiti in March 2010.

Seeing that the coin drive was such a success in raising money for the students at Clarkdale Elementary, they decided to hold another one to raise money for the Haiti victims. This time, they nearly doubled the amount they raised and donated a grand total of $400 to the Red Cross. They held another very successful coin drive in spring 2011 after Japan was ravaged by a tsunami hit Japan. They raised several hundred dollars for the Red Cross.

"The students at Hembree Springs are always motivated by the competition and are willing to help out," said David Enriquez, a member of Student Council.

The students at Hembree Springs Elementary continue to prove that when many small donations from many small people come together they can make a huge difference.

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