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kids volunteering at a sandy-recovery bake sale Kids with a sign advertising their bake sale, which raised money for Hurricane Sandy relief. (Photo courtesy Cooper Boardman)

Baked Goods Warm Hearts After Sandy

Volunteers work tirelessly to help storm victims

By Cooper Boardman | January 15 , 2013

Driving through the town of Westport, Connecticut, just a day after Superstorm Sandy blew through, it was clear the effects of the storm were going to take a while to clean up. Trees and fallen branches littered roadways, and more than 250 homes in Westport had been flooded, including seven houses that were completely destroyed. Nothing could escape the awesome power of the storm. Even The Black Duck, a popular local waterfront restaurant, looked as if it was floating in more than three feet of water. Hillspoint Road had literally been split in half, showing the soil beneath it.  Four days after the storm, 59 percent of Westporters were still without power.

But throughout this tragedy, there are stories of kindness and giving. Eighth-grade students at Bedford Middle School baked treats not only to raise money for the United Way but to also lift spirits of those who had lost everything. Spreading the word over Facebook and other social media, students set up a stand at the side of the road reading, "Helping United Way For Sandy Victims" and sold cupcakes, cookies, and brownies.

"[We had] a surprisingly high profit," one student said. It seemed everyone wanted a bite of the chocolate marble cupcakes.

Long Lots Elementary School students greeted voters on Election Day with similar delicacies.  Eleven-year-old Drew H., 10-year-old Colin C., and 9-year-old Sarah C. all helped sell the goods. The students even volunteered their days off to sell treats. The Conservative Synagogue of Westport sold pies to help those in need. One volunteer said the synagogue sold more than 600 pies and donated 150 to others in need.

But beyond bake sales, people have gone to great lengths to make sure their neighbors can sleep in a warm bed, even when their possessions and homes have been destroyed. Main Street shop owners even rolled up the cuffs of pant legs on dummies in shop windows to give Westporters a laugh – even though the people laughing might have lost all of their clothes to the storm.

Volunteers of all ages worked tirelessly to make people forget their troubles with sweets.

You can share your Hurricane Sandy experiences and find more coverage of the storm and its aftermath on the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps Blog.

Find out how kids across the country are helping the Hurricane Sandy relief effort — and catch up with the Kid Reporters' on-the-ground reporting during the storm — in the Hurricane Sandy Recovery Special Report.


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