The Program's Five Modules

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The Program's Five Modules

Risk and Insurance
Risk and consequences are key life lessons. What am I willing to risk? How can I mitigate risk or lessen the consequences of taking certain risks? Students will learn what they can and can't control, while also assessing personal responsibility.

Life Insurance
This module focuses on the importance of planning for life and death. Students will discover why life insurance is designed to help those left behind when a loved one dies. They will also learn about the differences between term and permanent life insurance, and how both types of insurance work.

Health Insurance
Students will learn about the various types of health insurance and gain insight into becoming smart health care consumers. They will explore questions such as: Where does wellness fit in? What role do employers play?

Disability Insurance
In this section, students will learn about the odds that someone will become disabled during his or her career and how disability insurance can provide replacement income to help the policyholder make ends meet when he or she is unable to work.

Financial Planning
Where are you going in life? How are you going to get there? The program presents students with financial-planning basics and tools. Students will examine the financial pyramid, which will help them understand the concept of building a secure financial base through savings and insurance programs, and of growing and accumulating assets through investment tools such as mutual funds and retirement plans.

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