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Book Review: Heroes of Olympus Book 3: Mark of Athena

The legend of Percy Jackson continues!

By Zach Dalzell | null null , null

Heroes of Olympus Book 3: Mark of Athena
Author: Rick Riordan
Publisher/Release Date: Hyperion Book CH/October 2, 2012
Recommended Reading Level: Ages 10 and up

Mark of Athena is Rick Riodran's 8th book about Greek and Roman demigods living in the modern world. One may think that after seven books on demigods and 10 children's books Riodran would have run out of material. But that couldn't be less true! Mark of Athena is filled with fascinating mythology, a bold sense of adventure, and intriguing love stories all tinged with Riordan's signature demigod humor.

The story is told through the eyes and ears of four demigods: Annabeth, Percy, Piper, and Leo. The novel starts up only minutes from where you are left in The Son of Neptune, with Annabeth nervously pacing the deck of the Argo II, a high-tech, vamped-up Greek trireme built by fellow demigod Leo. Annabeth and her friends, Piper, Leo, and Jason, are about to land in the Roman demigod camp, where she hopes to find her long lost boyfriend Percy Jackson and make peace with the Romans. It seems as though things might actually go smoothly for once as the friends find Percy and make peace with the Romans. But this is the world of demigods, monsters, and gods — something is guaranteed to go wrong. And it does when Leo starts firing the ships' weapons for no apparent reason into the Roman camp. Annabeth and her friends safely board the ship and sail away to begin their quest to save the world and all things good such as love, humanity, and enchiladas.

Percy is happy to grab a couple of his new friends, Frank and Hazel, as he leaves the Roman camp aboard the Argo II with Annabeth and the others. This formidable crew sailing on the Argo II is a group of demigods consisting of: Annabeth, daughter of Athena who has recently been cursed by her mother. Percy who has lost all memory of his past except his girlfriend's name. Jason, son of Jupiter, who has the same problem as Percy besides the fact that he didn't even have a girlfriend. Piper, daughter of Aphrodite, who has massive problem with her love life. Leo, son of Hephaestus, with a knack for making things that only work part of time. Hazel, who was recently raised from the dead by her brother Nico after dying in the 1940's. And Frank, son of Mars, who can shape shift into any form he wants with the small problem that his life depends on a piece of fire wood not burning.

All of them embark on a quest to the most dangerous lands in the world for demigods. They must travel to Rome and Greece over the treacherous Mediterranean Sea filled with monsters of all shapes and sizes. Crossing the Mediterranean Sea isn't the hard part for these demigods and neither is saving the world.

The real question is can they all stick together when egos, passions, and personalities collide on the decks of the Argo II. Will the seven stay together and come one step closer to defeating Gaea, Goddess of The Earth, or will they fall apart at their own hands? Mark of Athena doesn't disappoint as the Legend of Percy Jackson sails on.


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