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former president bill clinton in pittsburgh Former President Bill Clinton gestures as he speaks at a rally to get out the vote for President Barack Obama in downtown Pittsburgh, Monday, November 5, 2012. (Photo: AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Election 2012: Clinton Rallies Pittsburghers

Former President makes final push for current President

By Matthew Moore | null null , null

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania — With only hours to go before Election Day, former President of the United States and Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton made a quick stop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Monday to rally eager Obama/Biden supporters.

Before the event, people who turned out had their own opinion about President Obama and the election.

"I think that when you talk to people around this time, they think that President Obama is the right choice for them," said United Steel Worker Connie Mabin.

"Pennsylvania is a huge battleground state, that I think us Democrats need to win and will win," added David Tyler Lloyd.

"I think that President Obama has been between a rock and a hard place for the last four years, and is really trying to connect with the American people," said Agnes Riley.

Clinton was the main event at the event. But before he took the stage at Market Square, many Democrats who are running for local and national offices in this election gave inspiring speeches to get the crowd fired up for Clinton and the election.

First, Senator Bob Casey, Jr. who is running for re-election against Republican Tom Smith, spoke and introduced Attorney General candidate Kathleen Kane and Auditor General candidate Eugene DePasquale. Congressional candidate Mark Critz also spoke about President Obama's first term and the similarities between them.

When Clinton entered the premises, the crowd roared. The first thing he said to the crowd was, "Fired Up!" The crowd then replied, "And ready to go!"

Clinton then calmed the crowd. He started off by thanking everyone who attended the event, including the United Steel Workers and the candidates who spoke prior to him. Next, he mentioned the high school and college students who were there, too.

Right before he began his speech about the election and President Obama, he asked the crowd a question. "How do you want to move this country?"

"Forward!" roared back the crowd.

Then, Clinton talked about the President's opponent, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan. He talked about the controversial remarks made by them, and how they "can't seem to choose what side they're on."

He then continued to contrast both Romney and Obama. Clinton ended his short speech by making a final appeal for voters to support Obama on Election Day.

After the event, many people praised Clinton's speech.

"I though his speech was wonderful, especially when he used facts and didn't have to make up anything, to describe what the President has done," praised Mark Fay.

"I thought his speech was inspiring because he is an inspiring man," proclaimed Nate Hammond.

"I think Clinton has made a huge difference in the campaign, especially at the Democratic National Convention, when he turned things around for Obama," said Emily Picale.


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