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A 14-Year-Old's Journey to Survival

Cancer survivor shares her story

By Leila Sachner | October 29 , 2012

Students from nearly a dozen schools in New York and New Jersey packed into the Scholastic Auditorium Wednesday for the "Read Every Day" live webcast with Taylor Swift. But also in the crowd was a special guest: Karli Leonard.

Karli is 14 years old — she's also a bone cancer survivor and major fan of Taylor Swift. Karli recently told her story battling cancer and how she coped with the illness with Choices magazine. She came to New York to watch the webcast and meet Taylor Swift. After all that happened, Karli sat down with Kid Reporter Leila Sachner to share her journey to survival. Karli explained how she used photography and the social media app Instagram to share the story of her journey to survival. She talked about her friends' support, her feelings throughout the whole experience, and the normal daily activities that she could no longer do. She also had some advice for someone going through the same experience.

Click Play Video to watch Leila's interview with Karli! And read more about the "Read Every Day" webcast on the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps website.

kid reporter leila sachner with karli leonard


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