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taylor swift scholastic webcast 2012 Taylor Swift talks about how reading has inspired her songwriting with Z100 radio personality Trey Morgan during Scholastic's "Read Every Day" literacy event at the company's NYC headquarters on Wednesday, October 24, 2012. (Photo courtesy of Sch

Taylor Swift Inspires Young Readers

Superstar brings literacy message to live webcast

By Leila Sachner | October 29 , 2012

Taylor Swift returned to Scholastic global headquarters in New York for the second year to talk to kids about why literacy and reading are important. Her message went out to students in classrooms all around the country through a live webcast. The title of the event was "Read Every Day," whose initials are R.E.D, which happens to be the title of Swift's new album.

The "Read Every Day" webcast was broadcast live from the Scholastic Auditorium. Kids from about a dozen different schools in the New York-New Jersey are filled the auditorium and buzzed with excitement. Six pre-selected students had questions prepared to ask Swift during the webcast.

"I was selected because I wrote three or four questions and I took my time on the questions," Alexandra P. of the Girls Prep Middle School said.

"I was selected because I gave one of the best questions," Marney C. of the Jonathan A. Forest School said.

One student to ask a question, Danny, from PS-49, was focusing so hard on his preparation that he wouldn't speak to anyone. But when the time came, he asked Swift what her childhood was like.

"I grew up on a Christmas tree farm," Swift said. "I remember having a lot of room to run and come up with wild stories. It was a time for me to let my imagination run wild. It was a blast."

She said she loves to read because "when you read, you can go to a different place. It's fun to escape from where you are in your life and jump into somebody else's character."

When she was a kid, Swift's favorite books were by ones written by Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein because they rhymed at the end, which sounded like song lyrics.

For the kids in the audience, Swift takes on a similar role.

"She writes inspiring music and it pushes me to do better in school," Alexandra P. said.

When asked about middle school, Swift talked about how you need to find your one passion and that can get you through any tough time.

"Writing has always been an escape for me," Swift said. "I would have really difficult days at school, and I would wait all day long to go home and play my guitar and write lyrics in my journal."

The ideas she gets for her song lyrics usually come to her randomly.

"It's like a cloud floats down with an idea on it," Swift said. "And those ideas are like the first piece to a puzzle."

Reading is also just as important to her as writing.

"I try to read as much as I can," Swift said. "I try to read an informative article every day. I try to stay read up on our world issues."

But even if you aren't reading something informative, it is still important to read every day.

"As far as being in school, that's the time you should be expanding your imagination," Swift said.

If you missed the webcast, don't worry! You can watch a replay of it online at!

After the "Read Every Day" webcast, Kid Reporter Leila Sachner had a chance to ask her own question to Taylor Swift. Click here to watch Leila's quick interview with Taylor Swift!


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