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clinton campaigns for obama in orlando Former President Bill Clinton gestures while speaking at a campaign rally for President Barack Obama at the University of Central Florida, Monday, October 29, 2012, in Orlando, Florida. (Photo: AP Photo/John Raoux)

Election 2012: Clinton Campaigns for Obama in Orlando

President cancels appearance to focus on Hurricane Sandy

By Topanga Sena | null null , null

ORLANDO, Florida — President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton were scheduled to appear together at a grassroots campaign stop hosted by the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida on Monday morning. It would have been their first appearance by the two Presidents together on the campaign trail.

But with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the northeast, the President cancelled his appearance to focus on the storm.

President Obama wears many hats, and one of those is Commander In Chief. As Commander In Chief, Obama went back to Washington D.C. to coordinate with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and other government agencies to prepare for Hurricane Sandy. The storm made landfall late Monday evening along the eastern seaboard.

Even with the featured speaker of the campaign event missing, there was no shortage of campaign energy in the crowd of 7,000 supporters as Senator Bill Nelson, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, and former president Bill Clinton all took the stage one at a time to campaign for President Obama.

Senator Bill Nelson, who is fighting for his own re-election, was the first speaker to take the stage to deliver the news that the President returned to Washington D.C. Even with the bad news of the President's absence, the crowd remained enthusiastic in support of the President and his decision to return to Washington to do his job.

The theme of Senator Nelson's speech was "Vote early." He encouraged the crowd to head for the local early voting locations and cast their votes to elect President Obama to a second term.

Polls opened early in the state of Florida on Saturday, October 27.

The next speaker to take the stage was former Governor Crist, a Republican who has become an Independent. He was well received in his home state and delivered a witty speech that whipped the crowd into an enthusiastic frenzy. He made light of the fact that he used to belong to the Republican Party and now endorses President Obama.

The focus of his speech was pointing out the positive impact the President has had on the economy since taking office in 2008. Crist delivered a serious message about the President's re-election in a very witty and positive way.

Then former President Clinton took the stage. The 42nd President gave a short but informative speech that touched on subjects ranging from education, the economy, energy, and healthcare.

When speaking on education, he spoke directly to college students about how President Obama and his administration have increased Pell Grants to make college more accessible and affordable for all who wish to attend.

Clinton also reminded the crowd that the economy was in crisis when President Obama took office and he placed America's economy on the right track.

"He stopped us from sliding into depression and began the long road back," Clinton said. "This guy has taken on more tough problems in less time and gotten good results, but we couldn't get well in four years."

The former President briefly commented on Governor Romney wanting to be President.

"I'm not mad at anybody. Shucks. I don't blame Governor Romney for wanting to be President. I did too," Clinton said. "But this is not about the candidates. It's about you and your future."

In showing his complete support for President Obama's re-election campaign, former President Clinton closed his speech by saying, "I say let's give the job to the man who has done the job, so he can finish the job."


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