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romney in iowa Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign stop at Seven Cities Sod, Monday, October 29, 2012, in Davenport, Iowa. (Photo: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Election 2012: "Eight More Days!"

Romney rallies in Iowa to end President Obama's time in office

By Adam Metivier | null null , null

DAVENPORT, Iowa — "Eight more days!" the crowd in Davenport, Iowa, chanted as former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney quoted President Barack Obama asking for four more years. People laughed when Mr. Romney said that he liked the slogan of only eight more days, but he would have to change it tomorrow.

Romney was in Davenport on Monday in the final push before Election Day. Iowa is important to both candidates because the state is what's called a "swing state." That means it is not guaranteed to go for either Mitt Romney or President Obama and can swing either way on Election Day.

That is why both candidates running for the White House keep coming back. My city of Davenport has had a lot of visits from both men. Last week, President Obama was in town at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. This week, it was Romney's turn.

Thousands of people packed the farm at Seven Cities Sod on a cool afternoon. Music was played, followed by a video about Romney and his family. Romney talked about his sister being his hero by raising eight kids. One of them is a 43-year-old with Down syndrome that she still takes care of every day.

Bret Robinson of Davenport brought his sixth-grade son Logan and eighth-grade daughter Annie to hear Romney speak.

"I'm really happy to get an opportunity to see the Governor in person."

Robinson says these trips can make a big difference in helping people decide who to vote for.

"It's important that he tries to connect with as many people as he can," Robinson said.

Both candidates are sure connecting with a lot of people where I live. That should make for an exciting Election Day as Iowans — and Americans — wait for the results to come in.


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