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wisconsin voters In a Monday, May 28, 2012 photo, people take advantage of early voting in the recall elections, at the Madison city clerk's office. (Photo: Craig Schreiner/Wisconsin State Journal/AP Images)

Election 2012: Battleground Wisconsin

Home state of Paul Ryan a swing state in 2012

By Alysa Goethe | null null , null

In the 2012 Presidential election, Wisconsin is to be a very important part of the election by being a swing state. And although Wisconsin does not have as many electoral votes as some other bigger states, like Illinois, their 10 electorates can play a very important part in this year's election.  

"In the past, people of Wisconsin are typically in the middle," Graeme Zielinski, Communications Director of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, told the Kids Press Corps. "Not too far to the right and not too far to the left. Democrats tend to do very well here."
Zielinski added that he feels that the Republican Party is trying to divide Wisconsin by helping the wealthy people and turning groups against each other. "The President is running a campaign that focuses on everyone. He's making sure everyone has health care and is able to pay their medical bills and other needs."

Nathan Conrad, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin, has a different way of looking at this.

Conrad told the Kids Press Corps that Wisconsin has been a more Democratic state recently and feels it should be a Republican state this year.

"I expect to see Wisconsin be a Republican state and we should deliver Wisconsin to Romney," he told Scholastic News.

In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama won Wisconsin with 56.3 percent of the vote. But in 2012, Mitt Romney selected Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his running mate. This might turn the state from blue to red.

As of Sunday, Obama has a 4-point lead in Wisconsin, according to the New York Times' poll tracker blog Five Thirty Eight.

The tightness of the race in Wisconsin puts pressure on the candidates — but also on the voters.

"There's lots of pressure from the attention they have been getting lately from the Governor recall election because everyone is looking at them," Kristin Smith, senior media buyer and planner for Wisconsin, told the Kids Press Corps.

Pamela Bozec, a gymnastics trainer in DePere, Wisconsin, added that she anticipates a lot of negative ads as the campaign winds down.

"The recall election and the really ugly ads are an indication of what's to come-that's what Wisconsin is going to see," Bozec said. "It could go either way."

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