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colorado obama rally President Barack Obama speaks to a crowd of 4,200 people at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colo. on Thursday, August 9, 2012. (Photo: Tristan Spinski/Corbis)

Election 2012: Colorado: A Pivotal State

Swing state will be crucial come November

By Leila Sachner | null null , null

One of the most important swing states in the 2012 presidential election is Colorado. Like the various other swing states scattered across the country, Colorado is equally divided between Republicans and Democrats.

"We have almost exactly one third Democrats, one third Republicans, and one third independent voters," according to Colorado Democratic Party Communications Director Matt Inzeo. "Every election is up for grabs."

This election is no different.

As Colorado Republican State Chairman Ryan Call explains, the battle over Colorado will be a key factor in the outcome of the election.

"Colorado's position as a swing state is even more important [this year] based on its position in the electoral college," Call says. "Along with Ohio and Florida, the way Colorado trends is likely to decide the outcome of the presidential election as a whole. And that is a challenging place to be."

According to Inzeo, voters are primarily concerned with revitalizing the struggling economy. He believes the Democrats have a plan to get more Americans "quality, good-paying jobs" to enhance the job market.

At a University of Colorado rally for President Barack Obama before the Democratic National Convention, student Emily Moses, said, "As a woman and future Educator I definitely feel he (Obama) will make a difference."

Obama won Colorado in 2008 with 53.5 percent of the vote.

But he Republicans also have a plan to win the state in 2012.

"Our strategy is fully focused on connecting with individual voters by making phone calls, going door-to-door and getting people to talk to their friends and neighbors," Call says. "Making the personal connection, voter-to-voter, is what we think will be the deciding outcome in this election. Every voter is an important voter."

As of Sunday, Obama has a 1.4-point lead over Mitt Romney, according to the New York Times' poll tracker blog Five Thirty Eight.

Although the race is close, the Democratic Party is not worried.

"The President has a strong vision for how the country moves forward," Inzeo says. "[The election] is a little bit more concrete for him this time around."

The Republican Party is also confident in its ability to win in Colorado.

"The cost of gas at the pump has almost doubled since President Obama took office," Call says. "College tuition costs have gone up 23%. We have a very clear vision of what needs to happen. And if we continue to make this vision about the direction that we are headed in as a country, people will recognize that they don't like the direction we are headed in now, and this is their opportunity to help make a change."

Additional reporting by Kid Reporter Jenna Winocur.

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