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mitt romney in wayne pennsylvania Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney waves before a campaign rally at the Valley Forge Military Academy, Friday, September 28, 2012, in Wayne, Pennsylvania. (Photo: AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Election 2012: Romney Energizes Pennsylvania Supporters

Large crowds turn out for campaign event at military academy

By Katelyn Barr | null null , null

WAYNE, Pennsylvania — On Friday, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney addressed a large group of supporters and cadets at the Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

In the two hours before Romney took the stage, the enthusiastic crowd anxiously pressed itself to the front of the room. The stuffy air, the crowded room, and the buzzing of the people all added layers of excitement to event.

The room was so full that a large group of people who couldn't get in watched and listened through the windows.

When Romney finally arrived, the crowd went crazy. They screamed, whistled, and clapped as he made his way to the podium.

The enthusiasm only grew as Romney began his remarks.

"We do not want four more years of where we've been," he exclaimed as the crowd roared.

The goal of Romney's speech was clear: get America moving again.

"When I'm elected President of the United States, we will restore our military," Romney continued. "I know what it takes to get this country going again!"

He focused a lot of his attention on the economy. He said he has a five-point plan to make the country's economy better. These steps include taking advantage of our energy supply, making trade work for America rather than other countries, shifting money to state programs, balancing the budget, and helping small businesses grow.

Romney added that he would get the country's debt under control. He declared that as President he wants to create a better future for the country by eliminating the $16 trillion debt America carries.

He also said he wants to make sure America stays competitive with the rest of the world. Romney noted that China's economy is growing by seven or eight percent, Russia is growing by four percent, and America's is only growing by one point three percent.

"This next century must be an American century. The world needs American leadership," Romney said. "I will restore America's strength, I'll put America back to work, and I'll keep our military so strong no one would ever think of testing America's military might."

To this, the crowd responded by clapping, stomping, and chanting "Romney! Romney!"

Besides the economy, education was another focus of Romney's speech. And, he said, both issues are connected.

"I want our kids in public schools to be able to get the very best education," Romney said. "I want them to have terrific schools that are the best in the world. We don't have that today."

"It matters for the young people coming along, that wonder whether they're going to get stuck with our bills and no jobs at the end of their education," he added.

When I asked Romney about why kids should care about this election, his answer echoed these sentiments.

"It's all about the jobs and future of the country," Romney told the Kids Press Corps after his speech. "I want to make sure kids coming out of school are able to find jobs."


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