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The World's Tallest Mohawk

Kid Reporter interviews Guinness world record holder

By Cecilia Gault | September 21 , 2012

NEW YORK — Kazuhiro Watanabe is unique because of his hair. Watanabe's hair is so different that it made him a Guinness world record winner. Watanabe has the world's tallest mohawk, which stands at 3-foot-8.6 inches tall. Watanabe and his hair are also featured in the book Guinness World Records 2013, which is in stores now.

Kid Reporter Cecilia Gault interviewed than man with the tallest mohawk at the Guinness offices in New York City. Kazuhiro Watanabe was visiting the United States on a press tour but lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Watanabe's personality matches his hair. At the interview, he sported bright yellow boots and a colorful T-shirt. He talked whimsically about how he goes through doors and how he travels with his tall hair. The interview was conducted in Japanese. Cecilia's questions are in both English and Japanese, and Watanabe's answers are in Japanese and are subtitled in English.

Click Play Video to watch Cecilia's interview!

world's tallest mohawk


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