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Exploring Mayan Mysteries

Let the exploration begin! The lessons below feature topics and themes from Mayan Mysteries, an educational online game from Dig-It! Games that takes students on an exciting journey to the ancient Maya civilization. The game content supports national education standards and includes a Teacher Management System for tracking students' progress.

To learn more about Mayan Mysteries, visit Dig-It! Games.

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lesson plans
Lesson 1: Maya Map
Launch this unit with a map exercise to familiarize students with the location of four ancient Maya sites using a current-day map.

Lesson 2: Ancient Artifacts
Using text clues and images, students identify ancient artifacts from the Maya civilization.

Lesson 3: Maya or Myth?
Challenge your students to test their knowledge about ancient Maya culture, traditions, and beliefs with this true or false quiz.

Lesson 4: Temple in Tikal: Ancient Architecture
Students explore the concept of step pyramids and use their math skills to determine how to construct a nine-level pyramid.

NEW! Lesson 5: Maya Number System
Explore the Maya number system with students and challenge them to calculate math problems using this base-20 numeric system.

NEW! Lesson 6: Maya Water Management
Students use math skills to examine systems the Maya created for managing water supplies.

National Education Standards

The lesson plans support national education standards. View or download the chart.


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