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obama in colorado President Barack Obama reaches over to greet supporters during a campaign event at University of Colorado Boulder, on September 2, 2012, in Boulder, Colo. (Photo: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Election 2012: Boulder Before Charlotte

President Obama campaigns in Colorado before convention

By Jenna Winocur | null null , null

BOULDER, Colorado — With only days before he accepts the Democratic presidential nomination, President Barack Obama spent some time campaigning in Colorado.

On Sunday, the President began his day with breakfast at The Buff, a popular breakfast spot for locals. He followed this with a rally at the University of Colorado (CU) where he encouraged thousands of young voters to register to vote — and to get their friends to register to vote.

To get the CU crowd to register voters, Obama kicked off what he called a "Rocky Mountain Rumble" between CU and rival school Colorado State University (CSU). Whoever registered the most voters at the website won the competition.

Nearly 13,000 people showed up for the rally and to hear Obama speak. They hung on each word while waving signs that read "Forward" and chanting "Four more years! Four more years!" The crowd was so loud that the President had to raise his voice several times to be heard over the roar.

During his speech, Obama stressed his support for woman's rights and helping students to be able to afford a college education. He also took many swings at his opponent Mitt Romney's campaign. He said that last week's Republican Convention was a "rerun. It could have been on Nick at Night."

When Obama mentioned Romney's name, the crowd booed loudly.

"Don't boo. Vote," Obama said in response.
The crowd that turned out to hear the President was made up of college students, younger kids, and older adults.

One student, Emily Moses, said, "As a woman and future Educator I definitely feel he (Obama) will make a difference."

Thirteen-year-old Audriana agreed, adding that President Obama is the candidate who can make her future a good one.

"He knows that in order for good things to happen, I need an education," Audriana said.
After the rally, a group of about 30 Romney supporters gathered on the other side of the CU campus holding signs reading "CU for Romney" and "CU Loves Romney."

Former Senator Hank Brown spoke at the counter-rally, but he was quickly interrupted by chants of "O-bam-a!" and "Four More Years!"


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