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vice president biden in detroit on labor day Vice President Joe Biden addresses a crowd of union workers and Democratic supporters at a Labor Day speech in Detroit, Michigan, on Monday, September 3. (Photo courtesy Molly Pribble)

Election 2012: General Motors is Alive!

Vice President Biden addresses unions on Labor Day

By Molly Pribble | null null , null

DETROIT — The streets of downtown Detroit were filled with cheers, chants, and music on a sunny Labor Day yesterday. Democratic Party supporters filled the streets to hear Vice President Joe Biden speak about the upcoming presidential election. The energized crowd was filled with union workers: teachers, nurses, firefighters, and autoworkers. Biden was escorted onto the stage by his son Beau and grandson Hunter as Bruce Springsteen music blared.

What Biden was hoping to accomplish with his speech is to get Democrats fired up for the November Presidential election.

"Ladies and Gentlemen: This country faces the starkest choice in my memory," Biden began. "Much of what Governor [Mitt] Romney and Congressman [Paul] Ryan said at the convention is not on-the-level."

When Biden referred to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, an eruption of boos came from the crowd.

"We don't need your boos," Biden responded. "We need your votes!"

Biden said that Romney will have a new "territorial tax" which will give tax breaks to companies who "un-bolt machinery" in the United States and ship it overseas. Biden added that Democrats like Sandy Levin, the representative from Michigan's 12th District, are fighting to provide motivation for companies to un-bolt the machinery in Vietnam and bring it back to the U.S.

"The President and I are determined to replace the word ‘outsourcing' in our children's generation and replacing it with the word ‘insourcing,'" Biden said.  "You are the most productive workers in the world!"

"Organized labor is one of the reasons this country is coming back," Biden added.  "You want to know why we are better off than four years ago?" Biden asked the crowd.  "Because Osama Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive!"

By the end of Biden's speech, the audience was chanting "Fire it up! Ready to vote! Fire it up! Ready to vote! Fire it up! Ready to vote!"

Most of the people in the audience appeared to be Democratic supporters who felt the Vice President's speech hit all the major issues.

"I think the issue the next President should address first is job security," said Elizabeth, a resident of Dearborn, Michigan, who came out to show her support of the Obama-Biden ticket.

When asked if President Obama could do anything differently if he is re-elected, Joe, a firefighter from Macomb County answered, "No. However, I think that whoever is elected should continue to focus on the economy."


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