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Golden poison dart frog Not every deadly animal has sharp teeth or claws. (Mark Moffett / Minden Pictures)

Golden Opportunity

A deadly frog gets some much-needed protection

The golden poison dart frog is one of the world’s deadliest animals. But the tiny frog is facing a threat of its own—it has lost much of its forest home. Now it’s in danger of dying out. However, a new sanctuary is giving this creature a safe place to live.

The brightly colored frogs live in a rainforest in western Colombia. That’s a country in South America. The frogs’ color isn’t just for show. It warns predators to stay away or meet certain death. The frogs produce a deadly poison in their skin. Each two-inch frog has enough poison to kill 20,000 mice—or 10 people!

Native tribes in the area have used the frogs’ poison for hundreds of years. Hunters gently brush an arrow or a dart on a frog’s back. Then they use the poisonous weapon to kill prey.

Recently, much of the frogs’ habitat has been lost. People have been cutting down the trees for wood. They have also been polluting streams as they mine for gold.

Wildlife-protection groups want to help save the endangered frogs. They bought up land where the frogs live so no one can build on it. It’s now a sanctuary for the animals. Now there’s hope that the golden frogs will have a brighter future.

This article originally appeared in the September 3, 2012 issue of Scholastic News Edition 4. For more from Scholastic News, click here.

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