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tim pawlenty in new hampshire Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty campaigns door-to-door in Manchester, New Hampshire, in support of Mitt Romney on August 11. (Photo courtesy Chloe Conway)

Election 2012: Pawlenty Campaigns in New Hampshire

Former Republican candidate goes door-to-door for Romney

By Chloe Conway | null null , null

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — On a hot, humid Saturday morning in Manchester, New Hampshire, last week, a very small group of Mitt Romney supporters gathered at Stark Park for a door-knocking campaign in the local neighborhood.

Clustered around the statue of John Stark, the famous general who coined the state's motto "Live Free or Die," they listened to former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and his wife give a brief speech.

Pawlenty's speech focused on Mitt Romney and the announcement of Romney's vice presidential running mate, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan. Pawlenty himself was once considered in the running for the vice presidential spot.

He told reporters that he was not disappointed about not being chosen, and he will continue to campaign for Romney.

"I didn't start supporting Governor Romney with the expectation of being the Vice President," Pawlenty said. "In that regard I am not disappointed, and I think he made a great choice."

He went on to speak about Congressman Ryan. Ryan has "ideas about reforming government, getting government spending under control, and getting private economy moving," Pawlenty said. "It is going to be a nice contrast to President Obama's effort."

He also spoke quite critically of President Obama's administration.

"Romney and Ryan are going to get this country back on track," Pawlenty said. "They understand this is not about fancy ideas and teleprompter speeches. Obama doesn't deliver results and we need leadership. Romney and Ryan will deliver that."

Governor Pawlenty concluded his speech by thanking the Romney supporters for taking their time to come and go door knocking. He stressed that door-to-door is the best way of campaigning, and that it would be especially important in New Hampshire.

"Thank you for dedicating yourself to the cause of restoring this great nation," he said. "I know Mitt Romney and Ann Romney appreciate it. I know Congressman Ryan appreciates it. And I hope that you'll continue to come out and do everything you can in these next 90 days to get these two great leaders over the finish line."

At the conclusion of the Governor's speech, only a few supporters remained to go knocking on doors. Campaign staff and media actually outnumbered those individuals who were left to walk around the pretty Manchester neighborhood near the park to go door-to-door.

But although the numbers were small, the effort was strong. The group knocked on doors of several different homes, talking to a variety of people ranging from a family of three children to an elderly woman.  Governor Pawlenty introduced himself to the people in each house and asked them about their lives. And of course he encouraged them to vote for Romney in the presidential election.

A Brief Interview with Tim Pawlenty

During the event, I had a chance to ask Governor Pawlenty about his thoughts on Romney’s running mate.

At a time when Congress remains unpopular with many Americans, Pawlenty stated, "I think people view Congress as an unpopular institution for good reason, but they like Congressman Ryan both in his home district and nationally. He's somebody that actually talked about reforming congress and making it work better, and making the country work better and I think that will be well received."

Pawlenty also believes that the "Ryan Plan" for the federal budget will contribute to the solution of our nation's financial problems.

"I think it is going to help a great deal," Pawlenty said of the Ryan Plan. "President Obama has had his chance. He has been in office for four years. He promised to reduce the budget deficit and cut it in half, but he didn't do that, he tripled it. Government spending at the federal level is out of control and we need someone who is going to be serious but not only about saying that we are going to reduce it but put bold ideas on the table, and Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan will do that."


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