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Google Strikes Back

Androids have been taking a bite out of Apple in the tablet market. Plus, some fave new apps.

Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010, it seemed like no one could outsmart Apple. But Google, through a combination of good software, plenty of hardware partners, and eye-catching prices, has its Android army on the march. Droids now dominate the smartphone market, with a 59 percent share to iOS's 23 percent in Q1 of 2012, and have a healthy 32 percent of the tablet market. App developers can't afford to ignore numbers like that, and releasing apps on both platforms has become standard practice. The bottom line? Droids are here to stay-which could be good news for your district's budget.

8 Android Apps to Use in Your District
This app helps with creating notes and to-do lists, recording voice reminders, and more. You'll be able to stay organized this school year and improve productivity in your district. Free.

Like a virtual flash drive, this app allows you to save all your documents to one folder that is automatically shared with all of your computers. Photos, music, and documents are at your disposal, no matter where you're working from. Free.

Check education news updates and communicate with your staff and colleagues around the world! With this app, you can stay connected to your Twitter and Facebook feeds. Free.

This educational portal lets you view, download, and save lectures from sources like Stanford University, Khan Academy, UC Berkeley, and more. Free.

Common Core
A great reference tool, this app from Mastery Connect puts all the standards at your fingertips. You can search for standards by grade, subject, and subject category. Free.

Help your staff and students stay connected this year. They can send message updates and both schedule and check upcoming class events. Free.

Access and watch free discussions led by business experts, education mavericks, and even music legends from the TED database of more than 1,200 talks. Free.

Apps for Kids
Use this tool to find apps for your students in four different categories: education, creative, e-books and reading, and games. All apps are kid-friendly and kid-safe. Free.

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    Machines at Work: On a Building Site

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    ReadAbout 30-License Package

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    Superkit | Grades 3-8
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