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romney in michigan Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney addresses a crowd at a campaign rally in Frankenmuth, Michigan, on Tuesday, June 19. (Photo courtesy Charlie Kadado)

Election 2012: Romney Campaigns in Native State

Republican nominee ends "Every Town Counts" bus tour in Michigan

By Charlie Kadado | June 21 , 2012

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney returned to his native state of Michigan on Tuesday, where he wrapped up his six state "Every Town Counts" bus tour. The bus tour featured stops in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa, where Governor Romney focused on smaller towns with average Americans.

Hundreds of people braved the blistering 90-degree temperatures to attend the rally in Frankenmuth, Michigan, a small town in the middle of the state.

Before the rally, Romney hosted a meeting with 10 businesspeople, including Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

"We need someone in Washington who's doing the same good things that you're doing in Michigan," Romney told supporters, referring to the accomplishments of Governor Snyder.

But instead of highlighting his plan to fix the nation's economy, Romney blamed Obama for many of the nation's struggles.

"I've looked at what he's done and I haven't heard anyone say thank goodness for Barack Obama's policies," Romney said. "He's making it harder for Frankenmuth, central Michigan, and the nation."
Romney also claimed that Obama has a vision "to transform the country into an American version of European socialism."

"I think it's simply wrong for my generation to spend massively and have these young kids here, with the Detroit Tiger hats on here in the front row, have them know that they're going to get stuck with massive debts," Romney added.

In addition to criticizing Obama's position on the economy, Romney also addressed the President's health care reforms, which critics and some in the media call "Obamacare."

"Put aside the rhetoric," Romney said. "[Obama is] an eloquent speaker, but listen to the words and then go out and test them. Go talk to small businesspeople who do the hiring and ask: 'Did Obamacare make it easier for you to hire people?'"

Michigan will be an important state in the November general election. Obama won Michigan in 2008, but a new EPIC-MRA poll shows a dead heat between Obama and Romney, making Michigan a swing-state.

For his part, Romney seemed confident in his ability to grasp the support of his native state.

"It's essential for America to hold the torch high," he said. "And I'm going to win Michigan with your help."

Outside the rally, anti-Romney protesters gathered in opposition. Many of the protesters were part of the Occupy movement.

"We are representing the 99 percent," said Krista McGee-Champion, a former teacher and Obama supporter. "We came down from Detroit, Michigan, to represent the 99 percent who are without jobs, that are struggling, and having hardships, and we lost a lot in Detroit as a result of no jobs."


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