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voters in pennsylvania Kid Reporter Katelyn Barr shakes hands with a voter in Wayne, Pennsylvania, on April 24, the day of the Pennysylvania presidential primary. (Photo courtesy Katelyn Barr)

Election 2012: Voter Turnout Low in Pennsylvania

But those who turned out were passionate

By Katelyn Barr | null null , null

Voters in Pennsylvania cast their Republican primary votes yesterday, and Mitt Romney was the overwhelming winner with 58 percent of the vote.

But with Pennsylvania-native Rick Santorum out of the race, many voters stayed home.

At Roberts Elementary School in Wayne, Pennsylvania, only 10 percent of register voters had voted by 2 p.m. Alex Kroll, the Constable for Montgomery County, said that the turnout has been "very low."

The biggest reason for the low turnout is that Romney is all but set as the Republican nominee. On the Democratic side, President Barack Obama is running with no opposition from within his party.

Even though the candidates for the general election are known, some people did come out to vote. When asked why they turned out to vote, these voters often cited local elections or their duty as citizens.

"I think people do have a duty to vote," Greg Waks said. "A lot of people fought and died in this country so that everybody would have the right to vote."

With Romney's nomination is all but certain, voters I spoke to turned their attention to his potential running mate. All of them said that it was too early to think about a specific running mate, but many are thinking about the qualities they want in a Vice Presidential candidate. For a lot of people, this will affect their decision to vote for Obama or Romney.

When I asked Jason M. of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania who he thinks Romney's running mate should be, he said that Romney has many options. But Jason would want to see someone with legislative experience. Jason is in favor of Obama and the Democratic party.

Wayne resident Fabio supports the Republican party and considers Mitt Romney "the most qualified" person running for President. His family has been part of the Republican party for a long time, and he considers it to be the best option. He said it's too early to think about a running mate for Romney. When I brought up former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, he said that he would be a possibility.

The turnout may have been low on Tuesday in Pennsylvania, but the voters who did decide to vote were passionate about their respective candidates. As a swing state, Pennsylvania does not provide overwhelming support to just one party, and is sure to be a big focus in November.     

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