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romney in arizona Mitt Romney points to supporters at a campaign rally in Tempe, Arizona, on Friday, April 20. (Photo: AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Election 2012: Five States Head to the Polls

Romney looks to seal up nomination

By Naina Balepur | April 24 , 2012

Two weeks ago, Rick Santorum suspended his presidential campaign. But Santorum not only ended his run for the White House — he all but ended the Republican primary. Without any close competition, Mitt Romney is now the presumptive Republican nominee.

But there are still primary votes to be held, and today five states go to the polls: Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island. Santorum might still appear on the ballots, but voters now have three choices: Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul.

Romney is far ahead of his remaining competition in terms of delegates. According to the Associated Press, Romney has 697 delegates. Gingrich is next with 137, followed by Paul with 67. Santorum still holds 269 delegates that he can either commit to another candidate or hold on to until the Republican convention.

The first candidate to reach 1,144 delegates will win the nomination.

Romney can make great strides to that delegate goal by winning today's primaries. New York has 93 delegates up for grabs, and Pennsylvania has 70. Connecticut has 23 delegates, Delaware has 17, and Rhode Island has 13.

If Romney sweeps today's elections, he will put the nomination out of reach. But Gingrich and Paul aren't ready to concede defeat.

"I am committed to staying in this race all the way to Tampa so that the conservative movement has a real choice," Gingrich said after Santorum ended his campaign.

Paul had a similar message.

"We plan to continue running hard, secure delegates, and press the fight for limited, constitutional government in Tampa," the Ron Paul campaign said.

Meanwhile, Romney has shifted focus to the general election and President Barack Obama. Romney has been on the offensive in recent days, criticizing the President for his handling of the economy.

Stay tuned to the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps for the latest from today's primaries and more news from the campaign trail.


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