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mitt romney in boston on Super Tuesday Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney with his wife, Ann, at his Super Tuesday primary election night rally in Boston on March 6. (Photo: REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi)

Election 2012: A Celebration in Boston

Mitt Romney wins majority of delegates on Super Tuesday

By Coleman Hirschberg | null null , null

Eleven states held primaries or caucuses on Super Tuesday, and as of Wednesday morning Mitt Romney won five of the contests.

Romney was victorious in Alaska, Idaho, Vermont, Virginia, and his home state of Massachusetts. On Wednesday morning he was also ahead in Wyoming and clinging to a slim lead in Ohio.

The former Massachusetts governor won a majority of the delegates up for grabs on Super Tuesday. But it wasn't the home run his campaign had hoped for. Rick Santorum won elections in North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, and put up a fight in Ohio.

Ohio was considered the most important state voting on Super Tuesday. According to analysts, the candidate who won Ohio had the best chance of winning the nomination.

As of Wednesday morning, only 12,019 votes separated Romney and Santorum in Ohio. Officially, it makes the race still too close to call.

On election night, Romney addressed his supporters at a Super Tuesday party in Boston. Despite the tight battle in Ohio and the losses in Oklahoma and Tennessee, Romney and his supporters were upbeat. "Go Mitt Go!" and "We need Mitt!" were chanted at various times during his speech.

"I stand ready to lead our party," Romney said. "And I stand ready to lead our nation to prosperity."

Throughout his speech, Romney hit on many of his campaign pledges. As President, he promised to repeal Obamacare, cut taxes, and spur job creation.

He also spent time speaking to Americans who are struggling or unemployed.

"You are not forgotten. You will not be left behind. Real change is finally on the way," Romney said.

Supporters came from all over Massachusetts to be at Romney's Super Tuesday party. People waited for hours in lines and brought homemade Romney signs. Many of them backed Romney when he was governor from 2003-2007, but there were some newcomers.

One new supporter was Marylynn, from Boston. She said "Romney is the best guy for the job. We need to believe in America again, and we need to turn the economy around."

Most people at the celebration felt like Marylynn. But some admitted they were still deciding who to support.

"At this point, I'm just here to check it out and learn more," said Kris, a schoolteacher from Hamilton, Massachusetts.

Kid Reporter Coleman Hirschberg also filed this video report from Mitt Romney's Super Tuesday party!

The Scholastic News Kids Press Corps is on the campaign trail. Kid Reporters are covering Super Tuesday from five states. Check out the Super Tuesday Special Report for their stories.


Scholastic News Kid Reporters are on the campaign trail! Keep up with latest election news on the Election 2012 website.


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