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herman cain with kid reporter ben frigon Kid Reporter Ben Frigon and former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain at a Newt Gingrich campaign rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on March 3. (Photo courtesy Ben Frigon)

Election 2012: Cain Campaigns for Gingrich

Former candidate meets voters in Tennessee

By Ben Frigon | March 5 , 2012

Super Tuesday is this week, and 10 states will vote in Republican presidential primaries. With fewer than 120 days until the Republican National Convention, the four major Republican candidates for President are working hard to secure the nomination.

Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul have held campaign events across the country to make the case why they should be the Republican nominee. In some cases, the candidates have used high-profile supporters to help attract voters.

On Saturday, the Gingrich campaign held a Newt 2012 event in Chattanooga featuring one-time candidate and Gingrich supporter Herman Cain.

Stumping for Gingrich, Cain articulated why he thought the country needed a Gingrich presidency.

"I personally support Newt Gingrich because this country has big problems, and we need bold solutions, from a bold leader," Cain said. "That's Newt Gingrich."

Cain also said that a President Gingrich would be best for young people.

"A Gingrich presidency would mean that [American kids] would have the same opportunities in the same type of country that [I] grew up in," Cain said. "Without a Gingrich presidency, [American kids] won't have the same kind of future that [I] had, because America would be so dramatically different."

Gingrich is currently in third place in the race to the nomination with 33 delegates. After a blow-out victory in the South Carolina primary, Gingrich has not won another contest. He hopes to reverse that trend on Super Tuesday.

If Romney dominates, Super Tuesday will likely seal his nomination and the Gingrich campaign will be over. But Cain doesn't think Super Tuesday will be the last word on who will be the Republican nominee.

"[Super Tuesday] is probably not going to end this race; it's just going to encourage the top three candidates to continue," Cain said. "A lot of people are predicting it might seal it for one candidate or another, but I don't think so. I just think Super Tuesday is going to be another barometer in this primary race."

Watch Kid Reporter Ben Frigon's interview with Herman Cain here!

The Scholastic News Kids Press Corps is on the campaign trail. Kid Reporters are covering Super Tuesday from five states. Check out the Super Tuesday Special Report for their stories.


Scholastic News Kid Reporters are on the campaign trail! Keep up with latest election news on the Election 2012 website.


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