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mitt romney in ohio Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romeny speaks to a group of supporters at Montgomery Inn in Cincinnati on March 3. (Photo courtesy Meggie Zahneis)

Election 2012: On the Road to Super Tuesday

Romney wins Washington caucus, campaigns in Ohio

By Meggie Zahneis | null null , null

Washington state held its Republican presidential caucus on Saturday, and voters gave Mitt Romney another win. He led all candidates with 37.6 percent of the vote, followed by Ron Paul with 24.8 percent and Rick Santorum with 23.8 percent. Newt Gingrich was a distant fourth with 10.3 percent.

On the day of the caucus, Romney was busy campaigning in Ohio. Romney closed out his Saturday with the Ribs with Mitt event at Cincinnati's Montgomery Inn. The event attracted hundreds of supporters. They packed into a tent on the Ohio River, crowding a makeshift stage. It was a freezing cold night, and Romney didn't appear until an hour after the scheduled start time.

But when Romney took the stage, accompanied by his wife, Ann, the crowd came to life. After handing the microphone off to Ann for a few moments, he began his remarks by sharing an anecdote about how he met his wife.

Throughout his 20-minute speech, he connected with the crowd and stressed the importance of American ideals.

"When I started elementary school, every parent believed in the promise of America," Romney said. "That if their child learned the right values and got a good education, that if they were willing to work hard, that they would be prosperous and have a safe home. And that their future would be even brighter than the one their parents lived. That has been the promise of America from the very beginning."

Romney added that President Barack Obama is breaking those promises.

"There are two visions for America," Romney said. "One is a government-dominated, Washington-led nation. The other is a nation that returns to the principles that made us the nation we are."

As President, Romney said he would work to restore those principles and "get Washington out of the way of the American people and encourage free people and free enterprise."

His remarks connected with the crowd. They cheered him on and applauded when he spoke of making sure they put President Obama out of a job in November.

"He is a people person," Shelly Huntington said. "He is a builder of relationships and I think that is one of the key reasons he will make a good president."

Romney will learn how much support he has in Ohio when voters head to the polls on Tuesday. The state is one of 10 voting on Super Tuesday. The others are Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia.

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