2012 Archive: Healthy Choices = Success

Goal: Explore how making healthy choices and saying “NO” to underage drinking can lead to success.

Time required: 40 minutes

Materials required: Dream, Plan, Achieve. student magazine (found in the Resource Guide), Family Worksheets 1 and 2, pen or pencil

Getting Started:

1. Ask: What is a healthy choice? As a class, discuss different possible healthy choices. Stress that some of the biggest healthy decisions a young person can make include exercising regularly, choosing healthy foods at the right serving size, and saying "NO" to underage drinking.

2. Ask: True or false? Teens who drink are more likely to have high blood pressure and be overweight when they are older. Take a poll and then explain that this is true.

3. Explain: Drinking alcohol can have both short-term and long-term negative effects on your body, health, and brain development. It can do long-term damage to organs such as the liver, heart, and brain, and immediately affects the part of the brain that controls judgment, emotions, and problem solving. This is why saying “NO” to underage drinking is a key component to success. Even hanging out with young people who are drinking is dangerous because they are more likely to lose control, get in trouble with the law, or even hurt themselves or others.

4. Define the term success as a class (the accomplishment of a goal or purpose). Discuss how achieving success requires healthy choices, good planning, and hard work. Explain that saying “NO” to underage drinking can be a big step toward achieving success.

Using the Student Magazine:

5. Distribute copies of the Dream, Plan, Achieve. student magazine to each student. Have students read the articles and look for the Superstars’ keys to success. Encourage students to circle healthy choices that Olympic athlete Bryan Clay and Chef Remmi Smith have made.


6. Distribute copies of the Family Worksheets (in the Resource Guide) to each student. Encourage students to share this information with their families, as well as complete the goal-setting worksheet to implement their plans.

Photo: Brian Clay, © Amanda Burks Photography

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