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ron paul in washington state Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul speaks at the Red Lion Hanford House on February 17 in Richland, Washington. (Photo: AP Photo/The Tri-City Herald, Richard Dickin)

Election 2012: Ron Paul Excites Washington

A packed event greets the Republican presidential candidate

By Morgan Tolley | null null , null

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul was a big hit at his appearance in Richland, Washington on Friday. The room was completely packed with supporters of all ages. Many waved signs or wore t-shirts and pins that said "Ron Paul for President" and other campaign slogans.

When Paul entered the event, cheers erupted throughout the room. The crowd chanted "Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul!"

After Paul introduced his wife and one of his grandchildren, he began laying out his basic plan of action.

"We now realize there are countries that are freer and richer than ours," Paul told the crowd. "And Americans are realizing that they want their freedom back. That is what this campaign is all about."

Paul went on to say what he would do as President. He would abolish the Federal Reserve and income taxes. He would also secure the nation's border, cut government spending, repeal the Patriot Act, and stop all wars being waged without a formal declaration of war.

He also talked about his plans for the economy. Paul said he wants more jobs and lower taxes. He also wants the federal government to stop borrowing money and pay off their debt.

His plan is to cut the government's spending by one trillion dollars and allow the state governments — not the federal government — to make most of the decisions.

"Freedom works, government doesn't," Paul said.

Paul's plans and message connected with the crowd. The people at this event were Paul supporters, but others were undecided voters trying to decide who to support. There was even a Democrat who liked Paul's principals.

"None can stop an idea whose time has come," Paul said. "And the ideas of Ron Paul have come."

The voters of Washington will caucus on March 3. Kid Reporters will be covering this and the other stops on the 2012 campaign trail on the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps site and the Election 2012 site.


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