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Chuck Todd on the Campagin Trail

NBC News' Chief White House Correspondent on life covering a presidential election

By Chloe Conway | January 19 , 2012

Chuck Todd covers politics for NBC News as its Chief White House Correspondent and the co-host of the show The Daily Rundown. Like many other journalists, he is on the campaign trail, following the Republican presidential nominees as they debate and battle for primary votes.

Kid Reporter Chloe Conway caught up with Todd after a taping of The Daily Rundown the weekend before the New Hampshire primary. In this Tips from the Pros interview, Todd describes what it's like on the campaign trail, whether he thinks such long campaigns are a good thing, and how he became a journalist.

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kid reporter chloe conway interviewing chuck todd from nbc news

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About the Author

Chloe Conway is a member of the Scholastic Kids Press Corps.

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