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kid reporter alysa goethe at iowa caucus Kid Reporter Alysa Goethe (middle) with the Delaney family ?? (from left) Brian, Julie, and John ?? at a caucus site in Iowa on January 3. (Photo courtesy Alysa Goethe)

Election 2012: Good Turnout in Davenport

Iowa voters make their voices heard in Republican election

By Alysa Goethe | null null , null

There was a great turnout at the Iowa caucuses on January 3 in Davenport, Iowa. In just one precinct, there were 219 people expected. A precinct is a district for a city for governmental or administrative purposes.

The caucus itself was very orderly and followed a strict agenda. It started with the Pledge of Allegiance, then voters were asked to nominate a permanent chairman of the caucus. Once the permanent chairman was nominated, representatives for each candidate were given five minutes to speak on their candidate's behalf. Representatives for Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul were all present to try to convince voters why they should vote for them.

Once the representatives spoke, came the vote. Voters marked their choice of candidate on a paper ballot and handed them into a basket. The ballots were then all hand counted/. During that time, delegates were picked to represent their precinct at the county and state level for the general election. Once the ballots were counted, the winners in that precinct were announced.

At precinct D64 in Scott County, Iowa, Romney finished first, with 67 votes, followed by Santorum with 37 votes, and Paul with 22 votes. But in another precinct, D72 in Davenport, the front-runner was Santorum with 31 votes. Paul finished second with 24 votes and Mitt Romney was third with 20 votes. The votes were then called in as the voters were still there.

Many people showed up to the precincts and had many different opinions, wanting to make their voice heard.

Julie Delaney is an elementary school principal. She said she was supporting Newt Gingrich. "I think he'll be good for our economy and his policies are better for our country than that of the other candidates. He also has more experience."

John Delaney, her husband, agreed with her on her choice of Gingrich because he believed that he is very bright. But their son, Brian, had a different choice in mind.

"I'm voting for Mitt Romney because I think he is in there to win it," said Brian.

For John and Julie this is their second caucus, and for Brian, age 18, it's his first.

Rick Corbin has been attending caucuses since the 1980s. He feels that Ron Paul will be the best candidate for the job. He agrees with Paul's message on the economy and foreign policies.

Mary Campbell just moved to Davenport from Florida and is attending her first caucus. She was still undecided as to whom to vote for. She was curious to see how the caucus worked and to get more information on the candidates so that she could make a more informed decision before casting her vote.

The caucuses are very important to the whole country, and to the state of Iowa. The person who wins the Iowa caucus will have momentum they hope will carry them through the Republican primaries and eventually lead to becoming the Republican nominee for President in the general election.


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