Congratulations to the winners of the 2010—2011 Final Challenge!


Ladies of the Light, Wisconsin
Team: Andrea, Laura, Ariel, Savannah, Maetraclare, Samantha, Fiona, Lydia
After raising half of the funds needed to purchase solar panels for their school, the students on the Ladies of the Light team and teacher advisor Gina Pignotti took to increasing their marketing and information campaign efforts immensely. They created lesson plans that focused on green energy practices, partnered with local businesses, filmed a documentary about their work, and submitted a grant proposal to the Madison Gas & Electric Foundation to acquire more solar panels down the road as well as to develop a scholarship for another school to take on a similar project. In the meantime, Ladies of the Light eventually surpassed their monetary goal for purchasing the first solar panel for their school, and are spreading the word through local and state media!

Eco Savers 2011, California
Team: Brian, Yeprem, Edward, Steve, Tania
Eco Savers 2011 (formerly Eco Savers 2010) adhered to their marine theme this time around but shifted the focus. Teacher advisor Dominique Evans-Bye and her students studied global organic and inorganic contamination in lobster, after having discovered heavy metal pollutants in California lobster in 2010. In order to determine how widespread contamination is in the world's bodies of water, Eco Savers 2011 secured lobster donations from Santa Monica Seafood, which offered samples of the crustaceans from around the globe. More than 40 students participated in lobster tissue testing at California State University, Long Beach, where they helped produce 30 GIS (Geographic Information Systems) maps for each of the contaminants present in the samples. The results will be published in California Diving News!


H.E.R.O.E.S. (Helping to Engender Renewable Organic Energy Sources), Illinois
Team: Sam, Jean, Jacob, Sabrina, Anna
Teacher advisor Brian Sievers and H.E.R.O.E.S. strengthened their biodiesel-focused efforts locally and internationally-they'll expand their project in Honduras and extensively helped local nonprofit Food Desert Action convert a Chicago Transit Authority diesel bus into an eco-friendly organic produce vendor on wheels!

Solar Kids, Florida
Team: Diana, Gregory, Monica, Rachel, Ellora
With a variety of local and international projects, teacher advisor Pamela Shlactman and Solar Kids furthered their efforts on the carbon emissions front, with fund-raising, pineland restoration, recycling campaigns, and they developed a program to help reforest Haiti!

Shuttle Bugs, Colorado
Team: Max, Hunter, Kelley, Daniel, Christine, Cole
Using TV media, newspapers, web communication, and more, Shuttle Bugs and their teacher advisor Jennifer Taylor worked feverishly to get the word out about the Summer Shuttle Solutions program-an environmentally sound solution to reducing the hefty load of vehicular tourist traffic motoring through their town!

HMS Hawks, South Carolina
Team: Robby, Sarah, Amber, Kileigh, Erika, Jonelle, Savannah, Pe'ton
Led by teacher advisor Alexandra Davis, HMS Hawks encouraged the reduction of litter for the benefit of sea turtles, which are subject to significant health dangers when they ingest discarded plastic bags or balloons. The team adopted a sea turtle and held events to spur widespread use of reusable sacks that resulted in a collection of nearly 13,000 plastic bags!

Environmental Discovery Project, Ohio
Team: Shawn, Zak, Clay, Claire, Mariah
Teacher advisor Natalie Cooper and her team pushed their composting and recycling project far beyond their home state's boundaries. Environmental Discovery Project's success includes composting funding and rehabilitation in Afghanistan and Ecuador as well as tree-planting in Kenya!

Wet Hands in the Wetlands, New York
Team: Ryan, Sabrina, Nicole, Chynna, Jennifer, Lauren
Thanks to this team's active information campaigns, various events promoting green thinking, and a successful Adopt-a-Turtle program, the nearby threatened wetlands in teacher advisor Maribel Pregnall's school community have a lot of people looking out for them!

Team Kreepy Krawlers, New Jersey
Team: Kaitlyn, Jonathan, Jon, Sean, Joseph
Team Kreepy Krawlers and teacher advisor Stephen Kubricki kept their focus on the ecological damage that the gypsy moth has done to their region. The team conducted loads of research and experiments and spoke to experts about ridding local trees of the moths. Through public forums, YouTube videos, and school presentations that positioned the students in front of more than 1,200 attendees, Team Kreepy Krawlers got the word out about their project!

Eco Med, Florida
Team: Gina, Mira, Miranda, Sejal, Abby, Caitlyn
Teacher advisor Debbie Viertel and Eco Gang (formerly Eco Med) polled peers and conducted research, discovering that low levels of mercury were hiding in our everyday cosmetics and the labels don't indicate that it's an ingredient. They sent letters to their state's legislative body and will present at Wheelabrator Technologies Symposium for Environment and Education to help foster change!



G.R.E.E.N. (Greatly Reducing Energy Emissions Now), New York
Holly, Nick, Bailey, Devin, Mary, Veronica, Jacob, Cullen, McKenzie
Led by teacher advisor Sarah Webster, team G.R.E.E.N. tackled carbon emissions/global warming education in their school community of 550 students and faculty, crafted holiday gifts from recycled material, and spearheaded a paper recycling initiative!

the environmentalists
The Environmentalists, New York
Delia, Emilie, Klara, Paige, Julie
Teacher advisor Jocelyn Pendleton and her team took on energy conservation at home. With a schoolwide marketing campaign, the students made daily public announcements about energy saving, conducted presentations, built displays for the school library, and encouraged a "wear green" day to support conservation awareness.

H.E.R.O.E.S. (Helping to Engender Renewable Organic Energy Sources), Illinois
: Melissa, Jean, Jacob, Sabrina, Anna
After team H.E.R.O.E.S. and teacher advisor Brian Sievers conducted presentations about using biodiesel at nearby schools and museums while forming multiple significant partnerships to get the word out, the students attracted loads of media attention for their efforts!

go green
Solar Kids, Florida
Diana, Gregory, Monica, Rachel, Ellora
Teacher advisor Pamela Shlactman and her team developed a popular "bike day" to encourage reduction of carbon emissions at their school, set up a recycling program, and screened An Inconvenient Truth for nearly 450 members of their community!

T.E.A.M. (Total Energy Action Management), Iowa
David, Sarah, Justin, Emily, Ryan
Led by teacher advisor Hector Ibarra, T.E.A.M. met with city and state energy experts to put together a plan for implementing more efficient technologies and greener energy sources at their school and local businesses. Their energy analysis and recommendations at the school produced nearly $10,000 in annual savings in energy costs!

HHS Eco Team, South Carolina
Rachael, Jose, Kasi, Taylor, Taylor
With a "Green Week" at their school, a plastic bag drive, sales of reusable water bottles, and "lightbulb pledges" created to get peers and faculty to think about saving energy, HHS Eco Team and teacher advisor Edna Jordan took aim at reducing fossil fuels in their community.

The Preservation Foundation, California
Myriam, Yolanda, Ivette, Lorena, Martha, Jessica
Teacher advisor David Getner and his team helped reduce carbon emissions at their school by more than two tons with an outreach and recycling campaign to care for the nearby wetlands!

Ecosavers 2010, California
Brian, Yeprem, Edward, Steve, Tania
Ecosavers 2010 studied the effects of climate change on weather and storm patterns for their project. In order to better prepare the local (and international) community for weather disasters, teacher advisor Dominique Evans-Bye and her team educated elementary school students on the dangers of swift water as well as promoted the effectiveness of FEMA's Hazards U.S. Multi-Hazard methodology through an article in the globally distributed Public Safety Diver Monthly.


solar sparks
The Solar Sparks, California
Schelby, Wesley, Kyless, Justus, Alyssa, Emilia, Kevin, Hannah, Austria
Guided by teacher advisor Alicia Wright, the Solar Sparks took to the Web to host their own video presentation of the research they conducted on global warming as well as a PowerPoint that highlights our reliance on fossil fuels and the dangers of the greenhouse effect.

lil green
Lil' Green Monsters, Arizona
Michael, Jake, Mason, Dominick, Zach
Hoping to spread awareness of green technology within their school community, Lil' Green Monsters set their sights on solar panels. Teacher advisor Robert Sharp and his team forged local business partnerships, which eventually garnered a new 700-watt solar panel system for their school campus.

junior win
The Junior Win Team, Rhode Island
Cassandra, John, Taylor, Miles, Vanessa
Teacher advisor Tim McClellan led his students in a gooey crusade against the environmental dangers presented by cooking oil waste, which can be used to produce biodiesel. The Junior Win Team worked to help recycle the oil and collaborated with local businesses to assist in heating 67 homes, attracting national media attention!

away with the spray
Away With Spray, Pennsylvania
Victoria, Megan, Madison, Ashley, Abby
Away With Spray enlightened their school community about environmentally hazardous paint disposal methods that affect their water supply as well as local wildlife. Led by teacher advisor Emily Dusch, the students collected 48 paint cans for proper disposal!

HMS Hawks, South Carolina
Robby, Sarah, Amber, Kileigh, Erika, Jonelle, Savannah, Pe'ton
HMS Hawks encouraged emissions reductions locally through their toy and jeans drives, a free "tire pressure top-off" campaign, and more. Under teacher advisor Alexandra Davis's guidance, the students promoted science careers through their "Green Fair" that welcomed 800 attendees.

ladies of the light
Ladies of the Light, Wisconsin
Andrea, Laura, Ariel, Savannah, Maetraclare, Samantha, Fiona, Lydia
The students on the Ladies of the Light team embarked on a fund-raiser to purchase solar panels for their school. With the counsel of teacher advisor Gina Pignotti, the students raised more than $3,000 to use toward creating greener technology on their campus.

Shuttle Bugs, Colorado
Max, Hunter, Kelley, Daniel, Christine, Cole
In their popular tourist town, Shuttle Bugs addressed the issue of transportation and its environmental implications for their project. Led by teacher advisor Jennifer Taylor, the students invited guest speakers to their school to discuss climate science, launched a research balloon, and encouraged transit officials to implement an eco-friendly transportation plan for town visitors.

eco creek
Eco-Creek, Kentucky
Erin, Madeline, Hailley, Hannah, Amelia, Alexis
Led by teacher advisor Melanie Trowel, Eco-Creek developed hands-on in-class presentations to educate their school community about global warming and air pollution. Their talks had an impact on 328 students, and the team has plans for organizing carpool days and an "energy fair."




Team C.O.R.A.L., New York
: Brian, Kevin, Patrick, Alex, Geoffrey
Teacher advisor Maribel Pregnall and her team took aim at loss of biodiversity in their Action Plan, researching coral propagation techniques and the effect that global warming has had on the world's healthy coral.

wet hands
Wet Hands in the Wetlands, New York
Team: Ryan, Sabrina, Nicole, Chynna, Jennifer, Lauren
Casting an eye on informing the community about the shrinking wetlands behind their school, teacher advisor Maribel Pregnall and her team trapped and tagged 12 of the threatened Blanding's turtles in the area, conducted extensive chemical tests, and discovered that their school's migration wetlands contain E. coli. Ugh! With their winnings, the team will continue tests to verify the extent of the E. coli contamination.

Team Cahaba, Alabama
Team: Morgan, Justin, Catherine, Lindsey, Matthew
Teacher advisor Janet Ort and her team carried out a plan that focused on maintaining the health of the nearby Cahaba River. After partnering with three nonprofit organizations, three universities, and eight scientists, the team held a successful "Biodiversity Blitz" to gather data along the river and inform the community about its rich ecosystem.

Hatteras Green Eco Team, North Carolina
: Ian, JB, Lindsay, Andrea, Savannah
Led by teacher advisor Christin Brown, Hatteras Green Eco Team put a plan into action that involved a Green Fair attended by more than 320 members of the community! There were booths distributing conservation tips, reusable dinnerware, CFL lightbulbs, and presentations from the Coastal Studies Institute--a great effort to educate the community about the island's pertinent environmental issues!

Recyclinators, Oklahoma
Team: Alvin, Jenna, Shelby, Joe, Hailey, Jessi, Devin, Kristen, Caleb, Jayke
In order to bring the issue of pollution to the foreground at their school teacher advisor Tristaka Murner and her team organized a drive to collect empty beverage cans. The team collected nearly 8,000 cans and donated the pop tabs to a charity that recycles and donates the money to health care for children across the globe.

Environmental Discovery Project, Ohio
Team: Shawn, Zak, Clay, Claire, Kelli, Mariah
Teacher advisor Natalie Cooper and her team collaborated with local universities and businesses to establish a massive educational and action campaign regarding Ohio's wetlands. They developed a vernal pool-monitoring seminar, set up an outdoor classroom garden, and built a rain garden in which they collected and recycled more than 500 gallons of rainwater.

eco savers
Eco Savers 2010, California
Team: Yeprem, Steven, Tania, Edward, Brian
Eco Savers 2010 focused on organic and inorganic contamination in their state's spiny lobsters. Led by teacher advisor Dominique Evans-Bye, the team collaborated with divers and with technicians at CSU Long Beach to test contamination levels in local lobsters and disseminate the results to their school and community!

Once Upon a Tree, Arizona
: Shannon, Melissa, Alyson, Maame, Jazmin, Akila
Teacher advisor Raxha Bhagdev and her team focused on desertification, making presentations and issuing information to their school and local community. The team collaborated with the U.S. Forest Service and planted seven trees in nearby Goldfield, AZ.



The Eco Saints, New Jersey
Team: Sam, Angela, Michael, Nicole, Austin, Aaron, Keanna, Morgan, Dakota, Rachel
Teacher advisor Libby Vino and her team marked their school's 25th anniversary by vowing to accomplish 25 acts of service for the environment. In addition to spreading the word about the wastefulness and pollutants involved in plastic bag production, the students promoted and sold reusable shopping bags at every school event. When everything was said and done, they had sold 146 bags!

Team Kreepy Krawlers, New Jersey
: Kaitlyn, Jonathan, Jon, Sean, Joseph
Team Kreepy Krawlers took an assessment of the extraordinary damage that the Gypsy Moth infestation has done in their community (the moths destroyed approximately 345,000 acres of trees in New Jersey in 2008). Teacher advisor Stephen Kubricki and his team put together multiple studies and performed experiments in order to take a proactive approach to address this pesky problem.

Eco Med, Florida
Team: Gina, Mira, Lindsey, Sejal, and Miranda
Under the guidance of teacher advisor Debbie Viertel, Eco Med battled the health and environmental impact of improperly disposed medicines in their community. The students spearheaded an information campaign to spread the word and organized an expired medication drive at the police station to prevent the drugs from being disposed of improperly.

Eco Wash, Florida
Team: Abhinav, Annika, Kavi, Lauren, Neel
Eco Wash put their skills to use in an effort to fight phosphate-based lake pollution resulting from human activity. Led by teacher advisor Debbie Viertel, the students reached more than 1,000 people in their presentations and events to convince the community to wash their cars on the grass instead of the driveway, where runoff leads the soap's phosphates directly into the lake!

Eco Chicks, Iowa
Team: Milagro, Lydia, Abbe, Kirsten, Madi, Serena, Mikaela
Teacher advisor Phoebe Pittman and her team did hives in their community an "un-bee-lievable" service. Eco Chicks partnered with local beekeepers to analyze shifts in the bee population as well as to gather and distribute information about how they could better protect our buzzing little pollinators!

Fruitport Team Eco, Michigan
Team: Jillian, Thomas, Bradley, Rowan, Kylan, Nathan, Cory, Olivia, Kaitlynne, Bryant
Fruitport Team Eco aimed their efforts at increasing the quality of water that flows to their local watershed. Guided by teacher advisor Rachel Kent, the students analyzed water quality on a monthly basis, built and monitored a rain garden, and worked with officials to clean up sewage seepage!

lunch bunch
Lunch Bunch, California
Team: Makayla, Michelle, Bruno, Lilly, Anne, Stephanie, Cartier, Rudra, Alexander, Eric
The Lunch Bunch students took on the idea of reducing trash in their school's cafeteria. By spreading awareness and setting up an incentive, teacher advisor Gint Valiulis and the team helped their school community reduce its trash by 37% in the month of October as compared to the previous year!

S.P.E.W., California
Team: Julia, David, Rachel, Victoria, Loreen, Supriya, David
Water conservation awareness is critical these days, and the Society for the Protection of Environmental Welfare knows it. Led by teacher advisor Hillary Freeman, the team prepared a "water usage" assembly, spread awareness through the school's publications, and encouraged their peers to sign pledges to take shorter showers!


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