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Q&A: Mayim Bialik

The former Blossom star plays a protective pooch in the just-released movie The Dog Who Saved Halloween. Here, she talks about the family-friendly film, her own two tots, and her forthcoming parenting book.

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Scholastic Parent & Child: You play Medusa the dog in this new film. What’s she like?
Mayim Bialik:
My character is a vicious giant gruff beast of a dog. She is the fierce protector of her owner, who is the sort of spooky, possible villain of the movie.

P&C: Was it fun to play a puppy?
It's fun to do just the voice because you can be much broader as an actor than you can be on camera. The character is really whatever you want it to be, because it’s not even a human. Who really knows if dogs are theatrical or mopey or sullen? As an actor, we get to decide! I also got to go to work in my PJs. You can’t beat that! 

P&C: As a busy mom, that must be nice! Can you tell us a little about your own kids, Miles, 5, and Frederick, 3? Do you think they will end up in the entertainment business?
My boys both like to sing and be playful at home, but whenever a camera is turned on them or even if too much attention comes their way, they will stop immediately and blush. That’s not the exact profile of a child actor! I am happy for them to not live in that world. We have a no-media household, so they really don’t watch movies or TV. We’ll introduce them to that when they’re a bit older. 

P&C Plus: You went from acting on Blossom to getting a Ph.D. in neuroscience. When did you develop such an interest in science?
In high school while working on Blossom, I had an amazing tutor, and she really showed me how beautiful science was. She also gave me confidence that women can be scientists too, since I went to a school where that was considered "boy stuff." It’s really amazing the effect a great teacher can have on someone!  

P&C: You’re also in the midst of writing a parenting book — what is it about?
Bialik: The book is called Beyond the Sling. It’s about my experience with Attachment Parenting, both as a neuroscientist who studied the hormones of labor, nursing, and bonding, and as a mom who has learned from experience. The book emphasizes listening to your intuition and doing research before deciding how to parent. It was a pleasure to write it!

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