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Brook Peters Brook visits the firehouse he knew as a little boy. (Jason Tanaka Blaney)

Growing Up After 9/11

Teen Brook Peters used math to make a movie about his September 11 experiences.

Brook, age 3. (Adam Aronson)<br />
Brook, age 3. (Adam Aronson)

September 10, 2001, was Brook Peters’s first day of kindergarten in downtown New York City. On his second day, the world changed. September 11 will always be remembered for the terrorist attacks against the United States, including the destruction of New York’s World Trade Center, killing nearly 3,000 people.

Now, 10 years later, 14-year-old Brook has made a movie about that day and its after-effects. “I wanted to share a story about what happened to the schools, what happened to the teachers, what happened to the students,” Brook told MATH.

For Brook’s movie, The Second Day, he interviewed many of these people. They share memories, and the fears and concerns they had. Schools near the attack site were temporarily closed, so students and teachers had to adjust to many changes while they coped with the tragedy.

The movie also deals with the firefighters Brook grew up around. (His mom has done volunteer work for the New York City Fire Department.) Eleven brave firefighters from the Engine 24/Ladder 5 firehouse—where young Brook had spent much time—lost their lives on that terrible day.

A decade after, kids have grown up, and New York carries on. Brook’s movie helps keep the memories alive.

This article originally appeared in the September 5, 2011 edition of MATH magazine.

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