May 9, 2011

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May 9, 2011: Table of Contents

PAGE 2: In the News
China: Invisible Man
Current Events: Five Stories to Watch
Science: In Einstein's Footsteps

PAGE 6: JS Spotlight
Is It a Show or an Ad?
Desperate to grab viewers' attention, advertisers are increasingly blurring the lines between advertising and entertainment.

PAGE 9: News Debate
Should Spain Ban Bullfighting?

PAGE 10: Cover Story
What We Eat
A look at what families around the world consume in a typical week tells us a lot about how they—and we—live.
MapSearch: Food Around the World

PAGE 16: American History Play
Freedom Riders
Fifty years ago, a group of young Americans took a dangerous journey through the South. Their brave act helped change the nation.
Plus: Civil Rights Chronology

PAGE 20: World History
Alexander the Great
In the fourth century B.C., this 20-something military genius conquered half the known world.

PAGE 23: GeoSkills Contest
She Found Mapman!
Meet the winner of our annual "Find MapmanTM" contest.

PAGE 24: The Back Page
Cartoon Corner/Words to Know