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girl in plastic bag dress A dress made of plastic grocery bags was a big hit last year at the Greening Youth Foundation Earth Day Fun Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. This year's festival is set for April 30. (Photo courtesy Mari Chiles)

Pay with Recycling

Your money's no good at Atlanta Earth Day festival

By Mari Chiles | April 18 , 2011

You don't need money to buy a ticket to the Greening Youth Foundation Earth Day Fun Festival at Centennial Place Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia. All you need is a soda can, old newspapers, plastic bags, batteries, or anything else that can be recycled.

In exchange for recycling, kids and their families will see parade floats made out of recycled materials, play games, and learn more about protecting the environment. The more recycling you bring, the more games you can play, and the more fun you can have.

"We are trying to get kids to learn about and recognize the Earth, while still trying to make it fun for all of them," said Angelou Ezeilo, founder of Greening Youth Foundation.

The third annual Fun Festival will also feature kids dressed in recycled costumes and booths where participants can make art from yesterday's trash.
Greening Youth expects its biggest crowd ever for the April 30 celebration. In the first Earth Day Fun Festival, only three schools participated. This year has more than doubled in size.

"Now that there are seven schools participating, it takes a lot to plan," said Angelou.

Last year the festival collected more than 5,000 pounds of electronics, 1.4 tons of shredded paper, 400 pounds of plastic bags, and 200 pounds of batteries. Also, almost 300 pairs of shoes were donated for either recycling or to donate to victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

The festival is a great opportunity to let kids understand how good it is to reduce, reuse, and recycle, Ezeilo told Scholastic News.

"Greening Youth tries to help kids understand the environment, while making it enjoyable for them at the same time," she said. "That is what Greening Youth Foundation is all about."


Celebrate Earth Day and the fight to keep our planet clean on April 22. Scholastic Kid Reporters explore ways to make every day Earth Day in the Earth Day 2011 Special Report.


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