April 4, 2011

Reproducibles for the April 4, 2011 issue!

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Learn more about Rebeca Castro da Silva's life in a Brazilian favela by clicking here to view our slide show.

Teacher's Edition

You can download this issue's Teacher's Edition here. (Please note that the answer key has been removed from the Teacher's Edition available online.)

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April 4, 2011: Table of Contents

PAGE 2: In the News
Somalia: 21st-Century Pirates
Animals: The Princess of Primates
History: Jefferson’s Bookshelf
Mideast/Africa: Songs for a Dictator

PAGE 6: Special Report
Disaster in Japan
On March 11, a massive earthquake struck Japan, triggering a tsunami that flattened entire towns and unleashed a potential nuclear catastrophe. Could it happen here?

PAGE 8: Cover Story
G.I. Janes
Women are still officially banned from combat. But in Afghanistan and Iraq, they’re fighting—and dying—alongside men.

PAGE 11: News Debate

Should People Be Able to Buy Junk Food With Food Stamps?

PAGE 12: JS Spotlight
Is This Brazil’s Moment?

With the World Cup and the Olympic Games on the horizon, Brazil may finally be living up to its promise.
Plus: Brazil’s Government
MapSearch: South America

PAGE 18: American History Play
The Lone Eagle

For Charles Lindbergh—determined to make aviation history in 1927—the sky was no longer the limit.
Plus: The Trial of the Century

PAGE 22: GeoSkills
World Time Zones

If it’s 9 a.m. in Miami, why is it 2 p.m. in London?

PAGE 24: The Back Page
Cartoon Corner/Words to Know

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