March 21, 2011

Science World is now offering comprehensive online resources for “Unlocking the Mysteries of Migration" on p. 12.

  • Start your lesson by showing this ANCHOR VIDEO, which will introduce your students to some animals that embark on amazing migrations.

  • Next, read the article, Unlocking the Mysteries of Migration, p. 12, that describes four different species’ unique migrations. Your entire class can view a DIGITAL VERSION of the article using your interactive whiteboard and computer projector.

  • After reading the story, have students complete the CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING skills sheet. This can be done as a class or individually to test students’ reading comprehension.

  • Finally, wrap up your lesson with this BONUS, ONLINE REPRODUCIBLE where your students will test a method of estimating animal populations. They can then compare their results with the estimation activity in the student edition, which examined a different way of estimating population sizes.

    Teacher's Edition
    Download this issue's Teacher's Edition here. (Answer keys have been removed.)

    Online-only Skills Pages
  • Germ Warfare
  • Unlocking the Mysteries of Migration
  • Name That Element!
  • Self-Scoring Science News Quiz


    Science News/Batty Behavior

  • Watch bats attempt to drink from smooth metal plates.

    Germ Warfare

  • VIDEO EXTRA: Watch a video about the RTS,S vaccine.

  • Learn more about mosquitoes and how they transmit malaria at the CDC’s Web site.

  • The Seattle Times has a comprehensive Web site about malaria with articles, infographics, interviews, and more.

    Unlocking the Mysteries of Migration

  • VIDEO EXTRA: Watch a video about migration.

  • Check out National Geographic’s comprehensive Web site that accompanies its Great Migrations mini-series.

  • Learn more about monarch butterfly migration.

  • Find out more about the Christmas Island red crab migration.

    Name That Element!

  • Visit the Jefferson Lab’s It’s Elemental Web site to learn more about carbon and other elements on the periodic table.

  • Check out the American Chemical Society’s interactive periodic table.

  • For a photographic tour of the periodic table, check out Theodore Gray’s The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, 2009. Gray also has an iPad app called The Elements!

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