March 14, 2011

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March 14, 2011: Table of Contents

PAGE 2: In the News
Culture: Paris Underground
Space: Is Anybody Out There?
Language: One Smart Dog
News IQ Contest: And the Winner Is . . .

PAGE 6: Cover Story
The New Face of America
What race are you? For more and more young Americans, the answer isn’t so simple.
Plus: Top 10 Multiracial States

PAGE 9: News Debate
Should Art & Music Be Mandatory in Schools?

PAGE 10: JS Spotlight
Russia: Does Democracy Stand a Chance?
Since the collapse of Communism in 1991, hopes have dimmed.
Plus: Russia’s Government
MapSearch: Russia

PAGE 16: World History
Catherine the Great
Iron-willed, generous, cultured, yet tyrannical, this Russian Empress was a ruler full of contradictions.
Plus: Star Czars

PAGE 18: American History Play
The Triangle Factory Fire
A century ago, a deadly fire in New York City killed 146 workers and led to workplace reforms across the nation.
Plus: Workers’ Rights Chronology

PAGE 22: Geoskills
Internet Censorship
As the Internet becomes “the world’s town square,” some countries are trying to restrict access to it.

PAGE 24: The Back Page
Cartoon Corner/Words to Know

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