January 24, 2011

Science World is now offering comprehensive online resources for subscribers. The digital package for this issue will help you teach the feature story, "Adventure in the Amazon" on p. 10.

  • Start your lesson by showing this POWERPOINT, which will introduce your students to the Amazon rain forest.
  • Next, read the article, Adventure in the Amazon, p. 10, that discusses one man’s journey trekking the length of the Amazon River. Your entire class can view a DIGITAL VERSION of the article using your SMART Board or whiteboard and computer projector.• After reading the story, have students complete the CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING skills sheet as a class or individually to test their vocabulary skills.
  • Finally, wrap up your lesson with this BONUS, ONLINE REPRODUCIBLE that will challenge your students to use their graph-reading skills to track deforestation in the Amazon.

Teacher's Edition
Download this issue's Teacher's Edition here. (Answer keys have been removed.)

Online-only Check For Understanding Skills Pages



Science News

  • VIDEO EXTRA: Find Robonaut 2’s Twitter feed here and watch a video of Justin being controlled by a human operator.

Extreme Science Labs

  • VIDEO EXTRA: Watch a video about the LHC’s high-speed particle explosions.
  • Learn all about the LHC with CERNland, an interactive Web site for kids with videos, games, and more.

Adventure in The Amazon

  • VIDEO EXTRA: Watch videos of Ed Stafford answering questions about his journey.

Stunning Sea Flower, or Deadly Animal?

  • To learn more about sea anemones check out the world’s ocean ecosystems in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life at the American Museum of Natural History.
  • Watch this video about clownfish and sea anemone mutualism at the National Geographic Web site.
  • Check out this comprehensive e-book about sea anemones and the fish that live on them by University of Kansas professors.
  • Tropical anemones live on coral reefs. Use this guide to making a coral reef diorama from the American Museum of Natural History—don’t forget the anemones. www.amnh.org/ology/features/stufftodo_marine/coral_main.php

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