Congratulations to the Final Challenge Winners of the 2010 Lexus Eco Challenge!


McAuley Ecomacs: Operation Haiti, Illinois
Team: Ana, Christina, Christine, Danielle, Eileen, Jenna, Katherine, Kim, Mary, Sarah

Teacher advisor Dr. Roz Iasillo, in partnership with teacher consultant Brian Sievers, led the team in furthering their donation of a solar-powered biodiesel processor to the Lekol Pa Nou School in Pichon, Haiti. They also donated jatropha plant seedlings so the school could grow their own jatropha farm. The oil from the jatropha seedlings is converted into biodiesel which runs the processor. They partnered with several organizations including UPS, the American Red Cross, FedEx, American Airlines, Turner Construction, Huen Electric, and others to begin to implement the shipping and installation segment of this wonderful project! Both Dr. Roz Iasillo and Brian Sievers plan to travel to Haiti on Spring Break to visit the Lekol Pa Nou School and see how their team has made an impact firsthand!

The Green Team, Florida
Team: James, Corey, Jose, Nick, Nadia

Teacher advisor Debbie Viertel and her team took on pet waste and the related contaminants that can affect water quality and threaten aquatic life. In addition to a “Lake Clean-Up Day,” the Green Team educated the community about the environmental dangers of pet waste with guest speakers and informational literature. They also installed a “pet station” at the nearby Lake Wire to encourage pet owners to clean up after their furry friends. The team donated disposable pet waste bags, and conducted water quality tests to ensure that oxygen levels remain safe for freshwater fish, underwater grasses, and other wildlife in the lake. Well done!


RSVP, Utah
Team: Ethan, Matthew, Alex, Christian, Logan, Tommy

Led by teacher advisor JoAnne Brown, RSVP took aim at plastic bottle recycling. The team collected almost 1,400 bottles and more than 300 cans at local sporting events, while heavily promoting their cause with posters, Jumbotron appearances, and petitions!

The X-Treme Green Growers, Illinois
Team: Lauren, Sammy, Rachel, Daniel, Lauren, Paige, Isabella, Sam, Emma, Nicole

The X-Treme Green Growers developed an effort to aid Haitian children affected by the January 2010 earthquake. With the help of teacher advisor Julie Senka, the team assembled 35 care packages for children in Haiti, wrapping the donated goods in solely recycled materials!

HMS Hawks, South Carolina
Team: Rachael, Jordan, Alex, Alyssa, Amelia, Julia, Karly, Taylor, Sara

Diminishing wetlands and oyster reefs were central to the project undertaken by HMS Hawks. Led by teacher advisor Alexandra Davis, the team helped create more than 700 bags of recycled oyster shells to be put toward restoring the oyster reefs on Daniel Island.

Men in Green, Connecticut
Team: Vivek, Wesley, Matt, Austin, Garrison, Mike

Led by teacher advisor Beverly Andracchi & parent consultant Rajesh Tedla, Men in Green set their sights on deforestation, and obtained 3.5 acres of land from their town in order to reforest the region with more than 2,500 new plants!

North Callaway Digital Outreach Program, Missouri
Team: Matt, Jarrett, Nick, Gary, Nicholas H., Adam, Josh, Nathan, Lincoln

With a focus on electronics waste and its damaging effect on the environment, teacher advisor David Hopkins and his team staged a recycling drive (with two more forthcoming) and diverted two tons of electronics from reaching area landfills.

Restoration and Preservation, New York
Team: Derek, Ignacio, Nick, Tom, Jackie, Lauren, Alex

With their primary focus on restoring and preserving the ecosystems in the nearby Massapequa Preserve, teacher advisor Peter Macchia and his team pressed forward with the construction of an outdoor learning center (outlined by the team in a previous Lexus challenge) to promote environmental research in the school district and neighboring communities!

P.A.N.T.H.E.R. Team, Florida
Team: Alex, Naomi, Shelby, Kristi, Madison, Tiffany, Katie, Courtney, Brian, Cody

Teacher advisor Cynthia Holland and P.A.N.T.H.E.R. Team set out to encourage the conservation of aquatic habitats and wetlands. They created and promoted an educational walkathon about their topic, raising nearly $1,000 in pledges for clean water purification packets to be sent to Haiti.

Team N.E.O.N., Missouri
Team: David, Ahad, Calvin, Jenny, Simon, Benjamin

Led by teacher advisor Russell Barton, Team N.E.O.N. tackled several issues and hatched a plan to address several aspects of environmental conservation. The team built a rain garden at their school, shipped seed packets to teachers across the Midwest, and created lessons, worksheets, videos, and more for posting online!


Congratulations to the Air/Climate winners of the 2010 Lexus Eco Challenge!

Goff Gone Green, New York
Team: Sierra, Maggie, Lacey, Erin, Christina, Brianna, Alisha
Teacher advisor Thomas Brownell and his team developed distinctive models from recyclable materials to use in their presentations about energy conservation to local elementary schools.

The Eco Team, New York
Team: Terrell, Timothy, Paige, Nande, Carena, Lenee, Brandon, Wayford, Trevor
Teacher advisor Nathlye Naggie and the team took aim at reducing air pollution by organizing and publicizing a bike-friendly “ride to school day” once weekly. By the fifth week, 140 students had joined the effort!

Tap In Too Team, Florida
Team: Brooke, Carissa, Raquel, Jenna, Amanda
Led by teacher advisor Julie Gates, Project Tap In Too launched an educational program in order to encourage the community members to switch from disposable plastic water bottles to reusable bottles.

HMS Hawks, South Carolina
Team: Sarah, Karly, Rachel, Taylor, Alex, Alyssa, Julia, Seth, Jordan, Amelia
HMS Hawks and teacher advisor Alexandra Davis focused on energy conservation. When they created and shipped 250 paper lanterns to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, they sent a direct message about reducing energy use!

Eco-Friendly Bag Savers, Kentucky
Team: Bay, Brandyn, Kiara, Kyler, Hallie
With posters, surveys, e-mails, and a Web campaign, teacher advisor Ashlie Beals and her team spread the word about the importance of using a reusable alternative bag over plastic or paper shopping bags when visiting the grocery store.

Bayside Pollution Revolution, Wisconsin
Team: Joe, Brianna, Matt, Erin, Sam, Jake, Matt L.
Bayside Pollution Revolution and teacher advisor Heidi Williams set out to improve their county’s standing as a big polluter in Wisconsin. They saved more than $1,600 in energy costs and reduced air pollution with their heavily publicized “Dark Out Day”!

Students Against Violating the Earth (SAVE), Pennsylvania
Team: Gavin, Kathryn, Amanda, Katherine, Taylor, Jessica, Joey, Liliana
Through model-building, presentations, and meetings, teacher advisor Ken Hamilton’s team was instrumental in influencing several businesses and planners to adopt the concept of installing solar chimneys!

Project Blue Sky, New Jersey
Team: Daniel, Heather, Danielle, Veronica, Khushboo, Alyssa, Melissa, Sam, Kristen, Tyler
Teacher advisor Nora Cavaluzzi led her team in its focus on reducing carbon emissions. With a campaign that included the sale of nearly 400 CFL bulbs, a battery drive, and recyclable sorting, Project Blue Sky got its message across.

Westminster Greencats, Georgia
Team: Irene, Ginny, John, Sadie, Paige
With reducing its school’s and community’s carbon footprint as its focus, teacher advisor Jennifer Harper’s team organized a successful “Carpool to School” day that included 62% of the student body and raised $15,000 for the installation of a campus solar panel system!

The P.A.N.T.H.E.R. Team, Florida
Team: Naomi, Shelby, Kristi, Courtney, Alex, Madison, Tiffany, Katie, Brian, Cody
Teacher advisor Cynthia Holland and her team tackled energy conservation with a schoolwide energy audit and a “Green Ribbon Week” that included “green” pledges from over 600 students.

Team N.E.O.N., Missouri
Team: Calvin, Jenny, David, Ben, Simon
Led by teacher advisor Russell Barton, Team N.E.O.N. used an educational outreach plan to inform its school and community about the impact of rain gardens. The team prepared and distributed rain garden seed packets and set up an informational Web site to spread the word!

Unplug the Thug, Utah

Team: Alice, Alyssa, Alicia, Stephen, Eric
With a widespread information campaign, teacher advisor JoAnne Brown and her team focused on “standby power”—the students distributed more than 1,000 brochures and stickers in their school and community, informing people to unplug their cell phone chargers when not in use!

R.A.W.R., Utah
Team: Amanda, Stella, Derek, Scott, Ryan, Joseph
Teacher advisor Josh Heward and his team set up an environmental research site in order to track the impact of climate change on multiple environmental factors. The students shared their findings with more than 300 students via presentations, and many more on the Web!

LEXgo Team, Hawaii
Team: Marry, Cristina, Justin, Michael, Maribeth, Minhtrang, Sarah, Ely
LEXgo Team and teacher advisor Bebi Davis turned their efforts toward global warming. During two environmental cleanup community events, students collected 24 bags of bottles and cans, 200 pounds of newspapers, and 51 pounds of waste!

McAuley High School EcoMacs Operation Haiti, Illinois
Team: Eileen, Danielle, Katherine, Mary, Christina, Jenna, Ana, Sarah, Kim, Christine
Led by teacher advisor Dr. Roz Iasillo, McAuley High School EcoMacs began building a solar-powered biodiesel processor with the intention of donating it to a school in Haiti months before the region had suffered January’s devastating earthquake. The team raised over $3,000 in equipment donations, and its project will be of considerable help to Haiti.

Congratulations to the Land/Water winners of the 2010 Lexus Eco Challenge!



Restoration and Preservation, New York
Team: Derek, Tom, Alex, Nick, Jackie, Lauren, Ignacio
True to their name, Restoration and Preservation embarked on an extensive monitoring and preservation project to help bring their local parklands to a healthy, stable condition. Teacher advisor Peter Macchia and his team built a relationship with nearby elementary schools to spread the word about the project, and secured grants to help continue their research!

En-Viro-Forcers, New York
Team: Samantha, Melissa, Malia, John, Monica
Teacher advisor Maribel Pregnall led her team in researching and addressing the local area’s lack of awareness regarding the threatened Blanding’s Turtles. The En-Viro-Forcers conducted research at their wetlands, held presentations at nearby middle schools, posted a Facebook page, and organized a Turtle Awareness Day!

Newberry P.A.N.T.H.E.R. Team, Florida
Team: Linda, Naomi, Shelby, Kristi, Madison, Tiffany, Katie, Brian, Cody
P.A.N.T.H.E.R. zeroed in on deforestation and forest destruction. Teacher advisor Cynthia Holland led her team in hosting a tree photography contest, delivering public service announcements, planting more than 600 trees, and distributing more than 1,300 seedlings at their local harvest festival!

EeK-o Addicts, Kentucky
Team: Casey, Amy, Jason, Branston, Samantha, Sheena, Andrew
Led by teacher advisor Cortney Flannery, EeK-o Addicts took on public awareness of land and water pollution as well as pollution prevention methods. Their school-wide trash collecting project yielded almost 100 aluminum cans, more than 200 bottles, and five full bags of paper!

Team ECH2O, Missouri

Team: Stephanie, Amelia, Michael, Teja, Kelly, Ahmed, Emily
While researching the condition of water in their homes and in school, Team ECH2O, led by teacher advisor Russell Barton, focused on informing the community about water conservation in general and water-saving techniques. The team members worked in the school rain garden, installed water-saving devices in the school, and penned articles for local media outlets about conservation!

North Callaway Digital Outreach Program, Missouri

Team: Lincoln, Nathan, Nick, Gary, Matt, Nicholas, Adam, Josh, Jarrett
Teacher advisor David Hopkins and his team targeted recycling and electronics waste. The students organized a collection drive and gathered almost three tons of used electronics from the community for recycling!

Protecting Our Water and Environmental Resources (P.O.W.E.R.), Hawaii
Team: April, Marry, Maribeth, Jeffrey, Mericris, Ai-Lynn, Minh Trang, Sarah, Tony, Jeanette
Team POWER and teacher advisor Bebi Davis focused on water pollution, specifically marine debris and dumping. The members developed a number of presentations for nearby middle schools and partnered with local organizations to assist in local stream and bay cleanup projects.

Guajome Girls Preservation Foundation, California
Team: Miriam, Tara, Jaclyn, Yolanda, Gaby
Teacher advisor David Getner and his team aimed a massive cleanup effort at the two-mile corridor that protects the wetlands ecosystem near their school. Over a month’s time, the members and various groups of volunteers recycled 1,500 pounds of trash on their school’s campus, preventing it from littering the corridor!

Men In Green, Connecticut
Team: Vivek, Wesley, Matt, Austin, Garrison, Mike
For more than 300 hours, teacher advisor Rajesh Tedla led Men In Green in tackling deforestation with a mass communication effort, planting and mulching, and utilizing various social networking platforms to spread their message.

A.R.O.T. (America Runs On Trees), New Jersey
Team: Rebecca, Noah, Becca, Marlyn, Jesse, Eddie, Tim
Led by teacher advisor Paul Barna, team A.R.O.T. focused heavily on composting and methods of keeping trash from populating landfills. The A.R.O.T. members successfully constructed a compost site and put together a flier campaign to address composting within their community!

Texbridge Eco Leaders, Texas
Team: Iris, Jasmine, Stephanie, Michelle, Tatiana, Josh
Teacher advisor Nadia Shanaa and her team directed their efforts toward landfills, waste management, and recycling. After organizing and promoting a free market for their school community, Texbridge Eco Leaders estimated that 65 participants donated between 400 and 500 reusable goods at the event.

The Green Team, Florida
Team: James, Corey, Jose, Nick, Nadia
The Green Team addressed endangered species and loss of biodiversity, with a specific focus on relocating the gopher tortoise. After researching the tortoise, spreading awareness within the community, and preparing a DVD presentation for an environmental symposium, teacher advisor Debbie Viertel and team await news on some tortoise relocation!

X-treme Green Growers, Illinois
Team: Lauren C., Sammy, Rachel, Daniel, Lauren, Paige, Isabella, Sam, Emma, Nicole
Teacher advisor Julie Senka and her team addressed recycling. The X-treme Green Growers organized an “Old T-shirt Drive” and event in their district’s elementary school, where they created 132 bags from the old shirts and delivered 264 “rags” to a local animal shelter!

Eco Dudes, Iowa
Team: Gabe, Sam, Tate, Connor, Jacob
The Eco Dudes and their teacher advisor Phoebe Pittman focused their efforts on improving energy efficiency in local hotels. Two hotels participated in a program that involved placing bags for recycling and signs promoting water conservation in each of the guest rooms!

The Leaf Terminators, Utah
Team: Ben S., Sam, John, Lucas, Steven, Ben C.
Teacher advisor JoAnne Brown and her team distributed 200 fliers to their community that detailed environmentally friendly leaf-disposal methods. The members also managed to gather and bundle over 3,000 pounds of leaves from local lawns!

R.S.V.P., Utah

Team: Matthew, Ethan, Tommy, Logan, Alex, Christian
R.S.V.P. organized and promoted a recycling program to address land conservation. Led by teacher advisor JoAnne Brown, the team collected 1,175 bottles and cans for recycling, encouraged a local recreation area to incorporate a recycling plan, and collected Pledges to Recycle from 350 people!

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